USMC - Afghanistan Deployment - One Minute a Day

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USMC - Afghanistan Deployment - One Minute a Day 4.5

This is 2D Combat Engineer Battalion in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom from April 2014 to August 2014. I videotaped a lot of stuff every day, and edited it down to about one minute of each day. It focuses mainly on maintenance Marines, as I was in a maintenance platoon (so no, there are no grenade tossing, machine-gun-firing war boners here).

It is long and potentially very boring (much like deployments in general). There is no combat footage, though three Marines do lose their lives a little after about halfway through, so be prepared for that.

This is the second time I'm uploading this video. There are minor changes from the first one: There is an updated introduction, the knife-throwing scene has been trimmed, and the music has been changed from Taylor Swift to the YouTube free audio (which I find goofy and makes the scenes hysterical to me).

If you've watched the first video, you've seen 99.9% of this one.

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