Erdogan vows to complete offensive in Syria - BBC News

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Erdogan vows to complete offensive in Syria - BBC News 4.5
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to press on with an offensive in Syria until his mission to create a "safe zone" is complete.

Turkish forces launched an operation to clear Kurdish fighters from northern Syria last week, after US troops allied to them pulled out of the region.

The Turkish government views one of the main militias as a terrorist group.

Mr Erdogan has also said he will snub direct talks with the US vice-president when he arrives in Turkey.

The Turkish president said that Mike Pence and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo would only speak to their counterparts and not him directly on Thursday.

"When Trump comes here, I'll talk to him," he said.

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By the way i really donot understand why all world supports terrorists organizations thats really weird

Author — Yasin Berktaş


Turkey you're doing great, you're cleaning the mess U.S. and its allies has left behind.

Author — Muj Mir


Erdogan to Arab league how many Syrians you accepted?

Author — Usman Ali


Great man Erdogan.. We're supporting you from Pakistan... Long live turkey, long live pakistan

Author — The Patriots Of Pakistan


Erdogan is right about people going back on their promises atleast. Especially the US.

Author — Daniel Edmonds


When u lose your leg to save a finger.

Author — Albert Dacosta


"This is the most active front line" So let me just stand there on this hill while I get caught with a stray bullet or piece of shrapnel

Author — Bert Reynolds


You know that those are tires burning in back right?? It was set on fire just for the news agencies seek of drama.

Author — Ovuvuevuevue Enyetuenwuevue Ugbemugbem Osas


Turkey has this right take action against terrorism.good luck

Author — Hasan Mohammad ziaul islam


Hmmm he’s asking a group that has terrorist links to remove weapons??

Author — Adil Siddiqui


You know, Tsargrad does have a nice ring to it.

Author — Jedi Knight Anaquin Cringewalker


Boy, that's going to be a great safe zone if it remains a war zone between Turkey and Syria.

Author — bierrollerful


If I we're the Saudi's I'd make a big claim on the Antarctic cover yourselves in the next 80years

Author — malc Moore


More intimidating being put under threat of a mood swing. Who knows what's next. The evil slag geniuses.

Author — d dd


According to russian media???! Shame on u BBC

Author — Heru Affandy


Pence is going to beg Erdogan for an audience, grovelling is not a respectable foreign policy.

Author — SuperUbermensch


recep tayyip erdoğan didnt say that we dont negotiate 'terrorists' not kurd, we have 20 million kurds who are our citizen and also brother.You wanna make equal kurds to ypg and its totally lie.Barzani's kurds turkeys kurds stay with us.YPG is international terror organization as Isıs.Though you know all of this better than us but does not serve your purpose

Author — ButCeR


I guess President Trump’s vow of punishment didn’t work?

Author — Steven Taylor


Good job America for leaving let stay out of it the kurt dogs need to go

Author — Mustafa Khayre


U.S and U.K colonizers mind your own business

Author — Dalena