Bill Wyman & Mandy Smith Wedding day interview

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Bill Wyman & Mandy Smith interviewed on their wedding day June 2nd 1989. Other guests on the show Gina Lollobrigida
I recorded this on a VHS HiFi VCR at SP, I found a clip on YouTube, but not the full interview, so I decided to upload it.

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Author — ScottishTeeVee


I love Mandy's hair, really stunning😍

Author — YAMA1000


Crazy to think her mom almost married Bill's son Stephen from his first marriage!

Author — Paula Houlden


I 've seen this interview loads of times, I love it. Great fun and banter.

Author — Rhonda Diaz


She was fabulous. He didn't deserve her.

Author — Jennifer Jimenez


I'd say that a huge amount of illegal sexual activity went on between rock stars and young girls an in the 70's and the 80's.

Author — John Smith


Now, in 2019, at age 48 she is still 6 years younger than he was then in this video.

Author — Bababooey53


Why hasn't Bill Wyman ever been charged for his affair with 13 year old Mandy Smith ?

Author — India Bliss


I respect Wogan, but he should never have interviewed the couple. Thank God his counterparts at RTÉ handled the matter more maturely.

Author — itsjemmabond


Mandy Smith is stunning but Gina is on a different level, sophisticated, alluring and classy.

Author — Yo Ya


Imagine this in 2021 be discussed in parliment, be protests in hyde park

Author — Gavin Thorburn


Football crowd. Yes it’s gonna be hard...not to make loads of birds pregnant!

Author — James Davies


I like Bill Wyman, seems like a humble and decent guy.
But it’s fucking weird this whole situation.

Author — Thom smith


Why were they divorced two years later?

Author — Elizabeth McLeod


Hang on a minute . Wasn't he 52 when he married an 18 year old girl and he had been seeing her since she was 14 ??

So he was 48 and she was 14 ??

Is he still alive ?

Author — Terence Trent Watford .


Others in this industry have been prosecuted and jailed, why hasn't he been charged, and Mandy's mum too for pimping her underage daughter out, the damage caused by this to Mandy was awful.

Author — s j Clarke


I am the same age as "Mandy" lol now she lives in Manchester in a flat not very well off either

Author — SilverStarEyes


An interview with a man in his 50s and an 18 year old kid. Gross.

Author — merry lou


i wonder why she didnt accompany him on tour

Author — Crimsonchrome


Why wasn’t he charged with under age sex??

Author — Pete Lowson