The Truth About Ghost Recon Wildlands - An Underrated Game Review

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The Truth About Ghost Recon Wildlands - An Underrated Game Review 4.5

Yeah, that's right.

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They cant talk about the ghost recon loading until they see the gta5 loading screen

Author — HomeDeath45


Ubisoft: We can`t do a game about druglords in Mexico, that would not be good for our image
Also Ubisoft: What about a Mexican cartel... in Bolivia
Ubisoft: Oui! !Oui

Author — gatopreto 1207


"motorcycle offroading is fun" i see that someone didnt try ghostmode

Author — Ben


me: Pac katari send a vehicle
*send the vehicle a Kilometer away*

Author — Zodi X


I found this review surprisingly good and with high replay value.

Author — sicboi


"Patience and strategy" exactly the two things the gaming community today doesn't have.

Author — And then I fired And I missed


I went back to Wildlands after seeing this review and I've been sinking hours into it.

It's got something addictive about it

Author — Odo


Got it in 2020 and started playing recently, haven't noticed any of the bugs you've revealed, but I did got stuck few times while in the mountains and one while jumping down some church

Love this game so much, so much to do and all shooting, driving and exploring is night quality

Author — TheRussianLondoner


The Game it's based on heavily stealth in which not a lot of now a days players are good at

Author — Keko Jones2000


Thank you for pointing out the facts. Screw you haters. I love taking time and doing stealth... it's a pure pleasure.

Author — Kingshuk


So many hours into this game and I'm just learning you can dress up the ai

Author — Ben .Z


Americans: *Make games about fighting in every possible country against everyone, destroying everything in its path and causing a total mayhem*
''Hey it's just a videgame, wacky fantasy world''
Russians: *Make a game killing American soldiers*
Also Americans: ''Wait, that's illegal''
*Worldwide game ban, all Russian game companies banned from all NATO countries, sanctions against Russia, gas import blocked for the whole Europe, sue Russia, argue on Twitter, boycott and protest, start a war with Russia, cause a World War 3, nuke half of the world, argue on Twitter again, move to Mars, explode Earth and the Moon, then come rescue all the survivors and be a hero...And make a videogame about it*

Author — This is the best name i could come up with


I honestly can't understand the hate about the game, its honestly one of the best games ive ever played

Author — Gun Junkee


"Fight Predator"

**caimane flashbacks**



when u mention the story being george bush seniors wet dream i straight
up burst out a laughter that im ashamed of how loud it was

Author — Paulo Cunha


"If my country does a series of horrible drone attacks I'm gonna sound terrible!" Yeah. Oof.

Author — Infinity Man


This game was and still is awesome. The Predator mission was badass.

Author — DN 13


The people hating on the game, don’t know what they’re missing.

Author — Last


I want a ghost recon wild lands 2 Edit:omg I’ve never had this many likes! Also breakpoint is shit

Author — Tyler Cheetham


"I accidentally crashed my helicopter into the radio

That looked pretty intentional 😂

Author — authorization batman