Wedding Planners React to COVID + Cancelled Weddings! | Pandemic Weddings Ep5

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In a time of Covid, it hasn't been safe for groups to gather in large numbers, which means weddings have been postponed left and right. We followed couples around America to see how they've been handling the abrupt change in wedding plans. In this episode, we talk with the people behind the weddings... the wedding planners. How did COVID affect their business and how did they cope?

Kat Ferguson from Little Creek Events
Summer McLane from My Simply Perfect Events
Valerie Esther Crisostomo from One Soul Events

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Watching this and hearing some of the things like holding off on babies and such made me think how unfortunate it is going to be if a wedding gets held off and then the loss of a loved one such as a parent or grandparent that will no longer get to share in the joy of their child/grandchild getting married.

Author — David Bentley


I am a planner who has been in the industry for 5 years. I am still new, and am continuing to start to open a business because I know we will have to adapt (and we are). There are so many creative ways to proceed with events, even if they are small. Please understand, as vendors, coordinators, professionals, we are trying.

Author — Matt Sanders


It broke my heart when everyone had to cancel their weddings. That must be so disappointing. I hope they all get their big day and it's lovely. 🙂

Author — Avery Talks About Stuff


I will be interested to find out about how the children are dealing with the fish dying and everything

Author — BoxySama


Mobile wedding officiant in the Atlanta area Minister Maxwell. Very reliable.

Author — Queen Tama


So frustrating seeing people still having weddings when so many others are cancelling altogether or having them via zoom

Author — un bothered


Its really fuuny to inform you all that, around our society people are desperate to get married during this lockdown period, just in case to save money.

Author — ASUURA : Movie Weekend


Weddings are such a waste of money. Elope.

Author — pluckernil