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Tune in and find out why Jim Halpert is actually one of the worst characters on The Office. If you guys have any thoughts on the video, feel free to leave a comment and I'll be sure to respond.
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"How can people like this character?" - good looks and constant staring at the camera/audience like we're both part of a private joke. Jim makes us feel like we're the cool kids

Author — Fariya F


I think for me jim throwing the snowball at Dwight. But then being surprised after all his shit he gives Dwight blows up. Dwight actually getting revenge is pretty damn funny

Author — Chris Mario


When I first watched The Office I noticed that, Dwight isn’t as bad as Jim makes him out to be

Author — Joon Choco


jim and pam both thought really high of themselves. they showed a sort of passive aggressive and sarcastic attitude towards everyone. especially jim...like oscar said in the finer things club, "are you done:)" he has a compulsive need to be sarcastic all the time...

Author — triffle shows


Honestly every character being a “morally grey” character is a major point in the show. Every single character is unlike able if you think about it too much. Literally every single character. Maybe if you guys didn’t treat these characters like they’re people in real life you wouldn’t be getting so heated over stuff like this😂I get the point of observing characters but you’re all so dramatic about everything.

Author — flyingnoodle


I like your analysis and I agree. But the part where Jim has “defeat” in his eyes in my opinion is not because he realizes the toll he’s put on Dwight but rather that he realizes that’s mostly what he spends his times doing and actually has nothing better to do.

Author — Maniya Marai


Also when Jim feels bad for pranking Dwight after Dwight saves him form Roy. But then immediately goes back to being Jim.

Author — Billy Bob


The only reason he gets away with being an asshole is because he's attractive and confident. It's the same thing all through out society, shitty people get to do whatever they want if they're deemed attractive by the opposite sex. Sooner or later tho when a person gets older is shown what sort of a life they led, it's measured by how many people stay with you in that old age, when looks don't matter, but only your character.

Author — duda da


Jim is a very passively aggressive person. He never confronts a situation heads on, but instead plans and plots against a person for something so trivial that it gets to the point where you couldn't take it anymore or see it anymore. He's very manipulative, lowkey he has sociopathic traits.

Author — Earthling


Jim’s not perfect but I still like him for all his flaws he’s good some good caring attributes as well plus let’s be real he’s no Todd packer or Jane.

Author — Jackattacktron1000


Also the pranks when jim physically harmed Dwight...knock knock joke, the snowball fight...i liked snowball fight when jim got the taste of his own medicine

Author — Shashank Sharma


I just rewatched the show, and I realized this too. He's honestly awful, and quite frankly, I'm glad I'm not the only one with this opinion.

Author — The_Seasick_Camel


I think Jim is the quintessential nice guy. People love him because of is easy going nature. But this biggest flaw is that he avoids conflicts to the point where he ends up leading people on/slash manipulating them. I agree that his flaws aren't that obvious at first since he appears to be so normal in contrast to the other characters. However it is his passive nature that ultimately makes him a asshole

Author — Sinthujan Vinacithamby


I truly feel if Roy was aware of this, and told Jim to back off, he probably would, but Roy never saw him as a threat, and that was his mistake, because it just shows how sneaky Jim was.

I don't know if you saw that one episode that Jim was touching Pam and Roy walked in and Got in Jim's face and he backed away real quick, if Roy would have just told him to back off of Pam and really just told him straight, I it would be a whole different game.

Author — Megan S


I really feel bad for Dwight when Jim threw a snow ball in his face at work and everyone was laughing at him. Made me happy when Dwight got revenge, because it wasn’t just about the snow ball, it was about everything Jim put him threw.

Author — Starkill3r 306


Jim dose not prank Dwight bec he’s weird, it’s actually bec he effects his work e.g. printing tones of his own paper whilst Jim is on a big call and other distractions I would have to rewatch the show to remember but I honestly think that the toxicity was both ways and that Dwight was the one being combative. This is because when Jim messes with Dwight it really effects his temper and makes him annoyed but Dwight effects Jim trying to do his job and Jim would stop the pranks if Dwight would of left him to do his work. It goes both ways and effects Jim’s life more, I would say. I think Jim has sacrificed more to be with Pam since he desperately didn’t want to stay in that job career but was only there to get Pam and then after he finally gets his promotion, he sacrificed it bec he gets a symbol of his love form Pam. Then u can notice that form the start to the end, he sacrificed all of his career for Pam until the athlete company so think it wasn’t so unjust for him to do that. Even with the money as I believe since Pam spent multiple years as a receptionist the all of that money was from Jim’s pocket, in fact Pam is more likely more richer form the marriage too. Also Pam never would of been as successful without Jim as he was pushing her to follow her dreams for art and so on, e.g. when Pam spent ages on the art corse, Jim pushed her to follow her dreams by being in a long distance relationship… shame we couldn’t see that going both ways in the relationship. Without Jim her life would of been miserable, I think we can all agree on that.

Author — Long Claw


I’m really happy that someone agrees with me. Jim also never admits to his mistakes. Like in the Koi pond episode he just avoided apologising and tried to make it a joke again. The video basically summed up my thoughts on jim aswell.

Author — Toffelkingen Morph


I think these just make Jim more human. No one's perfect

Author — Brian R


Andy summed it up beautifully when he told Jim that he takes things people care about and makes them feel lame and stupid about it with his jokes.

Author — Adam Fisher


The thing that really bothers me about Jim is when he refused to call Andy Drew.

Author — Thunders Peak