How to Make Intros for YouTube Videos — Video Bumpers and Logo Stings Tutorial

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How to Make Intros for YouTube Videos — Video Bumpers and Logo Stings Tutorial 5
** Video Bumper Tutorial Resources **

Video Hive — Video Bumper After Effects Templates and After Effects Logo Stings:

Search YouTube Intros, Video Bumpers, or Logo Stings on Fiverr:

Sounds Effects from Audio Jungle:

Sounds in the YouTube Music Library:

Unsplash — Awesome Royalty Free Photo Site:

Adobe Premiere Pro (How I make my seanTHiNKs Intro):

Check out videos on seanTHiNKs here:

Check out videos on Video Influencers here:

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Music by Joey Pecoraro:

Sean Cannell on Social Media:

---------Cameras Used To Shoot This Video -------

Camera — Canon EOS 70D

Lens — Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5

Tripod — Ravelli Light Weight Aluminum Tripod With Bag

Microphone — Rode VideoMic Pro Compact VMP Shotgun Microphone

Microphone — Lavalier uses during the scene with the 50mm lens

Lighting — Prismatic 18" Halo Ring Light with Stand

Lighting — Hair Light on Ceiling

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About this video:
In this video Sean Cannell from THiNK media TV talks about how to make a YouTube intro and cool video bumpers. If you want to create a logo sting or download an intro video for your YouTube channel, check out the bumper video templates in this video. You can buy Fiverr YouTube intros or create logo sting in after effects. Either way, a good YouTube intro and video bumper opening will help your YouTube channel stand out! The question was how to make a YouTube intro that is epic, so check out this tutorial about how to make an easy YouTube intro.

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Your headline is a bit misleading (click bait on purpose I think)... it should be more like: "Where to buy intro video templates for your YouTube videos" since this is only a video where you tell where you got your resources (which are pretty much ready-to-render excluding the replacement of footage) and not so much how to MAKE one yourself. You do have great content in the channel but this video seemed way off the topic from my point of view since I work with After Effects on daily basis and was expecting something else.

Author — Joonas Nieminen


*would be cool to do actual tutorials*

Author — Recettes Peu Caloriques


I use 'Panzoid' it's really good, you just choose a template put your text in it and download it!
And it's in your browser, so no download !

Author — Da27HD


You are thee MOST informative person I have seen on youtube helping our viewers!!! Keep it up :)

Author — Prishka Ray


I created my intro myself in after effects, from scratch. I actually learned motion graphics from free tutorials on YouTube and used these skills in this project.

Author — Roy Sahar


Well, for my video intro i used the website named "Panzoid". This site makes you able to create a video intro for free. If anybody needs to make a free video intro you definitely need to go to this website. I'm gonna make a video on this soon... 😊 And finally Thank you so much sean it really helped me...

Author — Apurv Das


I deconstructed my logo and used premiere to "put it back together"

Author — Small Bore & Two Wheels


For now I’ve just been using InShot. I also take pics with my iPhone (usually portrait mode) or I use a camera app called Focos (great depth of field effect) and just put my YT name/FB name over top of the pic and let music play over.

I also watched a bunch of videos with intros and timed them. Usually between 5 and 10 seconds is a normal intro.

Author — Fret 2 Fret


Your face looks so similar to Avicii's...
RIP Avicii...

Author — b ?!


Hey Sean, I use Adobe Premier for my editing, haven’t done my intro in after effects yet, but I’ll do it soon.
You are welcome to check my Chantal, maybe suggest something. Thank you!

Author — Pet Top


I use an app called Legend for my intros.

Author — Tom Hoppins


This video just popped today in my YT recommendation's feed. I didn't notice it's almost 3 years old! Definitely old, but GOLD!!

Author — Gustavo Mendoza


Thanks! My friend was just asking me how I create my intros, and eventhough I create my animated intros from scratch using After Affects, I told my friend to find a video about Intro Templates. Since your videos are great, I referred your video! I'll be making a quick tutorial on how I do my intros soon if you want to check it out! But, as always thanks a ton for this video! This is perfect to show my beginner friends, as well as if I need to have a quick Pro Intro for a client!

Author — DJTronuk


Damn Dude you're awesome. My question is how do you do the "Think Media" icon in the bottom right corner that stays there through the video and, how about the icon there by the subscribe button. HOW HOW HOW. Thanks for this video because I was wanting to know how these intros and outtros were done!

Author — Michael Green


I can make em. I have everything Adobe, also 3D programs like Cinema 4D and blender

Author — Urban Deployment


DUDE!!! Thank you SO MUCH for answering my question, I'm so stoked right now!! Can't wait to get moving on this now that I know where to begin!!



That was awesome man! I loved the download list of things to start out with! That made everything easy for me. Now I know exactly what to get.

Author — Lay-Z-Lee 97


They sound like some great resources, clearly I have been trying to do it the hard way using Sony Vegas
Cheers :-))

Author — Chris Memphis


I use Filmora as an editing program and my intro is an overlay on top of my name and background :)

Author — Anna Paea FX


I found learning After Effects so I could create my own original intro quite rewarding, so that’s always an option too!

Author — Kota Cakes