SAIGA 12 part 2- Reliability

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Great video! I’d have to disagree about it being impractical, however. It is after all meant for military, as you said.

Author — Michael Brooks


Editing is getting better and it sounds like you wrote a script (a good thing, no: uhm, aww, eh's)
Don't be afraid to get some sponsors, as long as you are honest about their product it's a great way to get your subscribers some more information and goodies while getting some ammo money. Glad to see you are making more videos!

Author — David Hays


You are Awesome bro! I just bought a Saiga 12 and debating on converting the trigger. I see in your videos you have both and wondering witch one do you like shooting most?

Author — Joel Barber


I miss mine, sold it for 1k fully converted with 2 drums... Shouldnt have done it.

Author — Bobby Bottleservice


great vid.. you have my sub.. now to catch up on all your content.

Author — Monte Rogers


Do you think a saiga 12 can be used as well as like a mossberg 500 in a combat/ defense Im making my own shells... and mined been very reliable.

Author — Vanilla Gorilla


My old boat gun.. Dragged that thing through the better part of a decade in the alaskan brush, finally took it apart after several seasons and there were twigs and leaves and small pine cones in it and that was the only gun i could shoot skeet with, without a doubt the most reliable gun i ever owned

Author — Anthony Rice


excellent video, but music while you speak is not necessary. Congratulations by the channel.

Author — Sergio Fabian Schneider


Setting 2 still doesn't cycle birdshot

Author — bevi 69mm


I do not think the music is necessary. I do like your information.

Author — Tom Olofsson


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Author — Veikko Lehtonen