Types of Veterinarians (6 different types of Veterinarians)

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Types of veterinarians
Veterinary medicine is a vast field. There are lots of career opportunities in veterinary medicine. Veterinarians can work in Hospitals, educational institutions, government agencies, wildlife management groups, zoos, ranches, or pharmaceutical companies. Following are types of veterinarians and you can become one of them depending on your interest.
1. Companion animals Veterinarian: These veterinarians work with pets and are just like primary care human physicians. Their task varies significantly depending on the patient. They are the most common type of veterinarian and provide inoculations, dress wounds, prescribe medicine, perform general surgery, dental work, advice clients about their pet, and offer euthanasia services nearing end of pet’s life.
2. Veterinary practitioners: These veterinarians have advanced training and expertise in a particular animal species or group of animals.
• Avian practice (Birds)
• Canine/Feline practice (Dogs & Cats)
• Equine practice (Horses)
• Lab animal practice (guinea pig, hamster, rat)
• Exotic companion mammal practice (ferrets, rabbits, mice, rats, and other small mammals)
• Wildlife animal practice
• Reptile and amphibian practice (snakes, lizards, salamanders, turtles, etc.)
• Aquatic and marine animal practice (fishes, Penguins, seal fishes, etc.)
3. Veterinary specialists: Just like doctors who work with people, veterinary physicians can pursue countless specialties. Veterinary specialties are fields of medicine like:
• Pathology
• Surgery
• Dentistry
• Dermatology
• Ophthalmology
• Nutrition
• Radiology
• Internal medicine
• Pharmacology
• Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
• Theriogenology
• Emergency and critical care
4. Livestock or Food animal veterinarian: These veterinarians work with farm animals. Farm animals like cattle, poultry birds, sheep, and pigs are raised to be food sources. Food animal veterinarians spend much of their time on farms & ranches and test for, treat, and vaccinate against the disease. They advise farmers about housing, feeding, and general health. Some food animal veterinarians also perform management tasks.
5. Food safety and inspection Veterinarians: The main focus of these veterinarians is to inspect livestock and animal products like eggs, dairy, and meat to ensure they meet sanitation standards. They conduct research to improve animal health, examine slaughtering and processing plants. In short, they work to enforce government regulations concerning food safety.
6. Research Veterinarian or Veterinary Educator: These veterinarians contribute to human health as well as animal health by engaging in research to prevent and treat diseases in humans. Research veterinarian are often educators that are involved in clinical as well as biomedical research.

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I'm 15 and I will probably be companion animals veterinarian because I really love dogs and cats, but also birds and hamsters. Of course I can only guess that the job is very hard but I am ok with it :D

Author — Mateo Vladić


I’ve been super interested in pursuing laboratory studies to cure common diseases ❤️

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This video helps me a lot and I'm 2nd year... Keep up the good work!

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I think wildlife animal practice seems the coolest to me

Author — —Steven Universe—


thank you for the great vid, very clear!

Author — dr liz


i wanna be a domestic/companion animal doc as well as a wildlife vet Is that possible?

Author — Yaya


I am retired veterinary pathologist, to know about veterinary knowledgeab

Author — Balasubramanyam N


I am 14 years I want to be a wildlife veterinarian



I am 15 ....and I love animals birds fishes....too much....people just luv humans but forget about animals that they are also living in our earth....
I hope in future I'll be a good veterinarian ‼️💗....
If u also love animals ...hit like..

Author — Swetabisht (the stars)


good to be here as farm animal veterinarian and public health student

Author — Zakarie Isse Mohamud


I thought you will give greedy very good very bad

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Go for human medicine rather than being a Veterinarian.... my solomon advice.

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