State of Genre Movies - Film Genres and Hollywood

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State of Genre Movies - Film Genres and Hollywood 4.5

In this episode, we recap the main points from previous episodes. Also, we ask, what is the current state of genre filmmaking? And what is its future?

Do you like comedies for the laughs? Or are you more drawn to the allure of space and travel in science fiction? Perhaps you appreciate gangster films or gritty war pictures? If so, this series is for you. Film Genres and Hollywood is a seven part web series exploring some of the film industry's most exciting genres.

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Great series, really enjoyed it. Hope to see many more.

Author — visual_abyss


No love for horror and heart.

Author — Hayden Gilbert


Fantastic series. You must study this stuff a lot. I really did love it.

You didn't mention musicals either past or present. _Singing in the Rain_, _New York, New York_ and even _Momma Mia_ come to mind. Animated films have become quite main stream such as the whole _Toy Story_ series. And then you have _The Nightmare Before Christmas_ which is both animated and musical. What genre would you put _Birdman_ in?

We human do love to categorize things, don't we.

Peace, Love, Laughter.

"Video is the literature of our time." -- Robert Shaver

Author — Robert Shaver


You have caused me much distress and pain

Author — Sean Clark


I know you couldn't hit on every genre, but leaving out "Romance" was a big mistake.

Author — Rolf Shick