Mercenaries in Slavyansk

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US mercenaries in Slavyansk. One doesn't speak Russian and speaks in English and the other in broken Russian tries to persuade the people he is there to protect them.The people shout GO AWAY FROM HERE!

Ukrainians Capture US Mercenary in Kharkov

Battle of Slavyansk

Slavyansk Under Siege

Ukraine Attacks Kramatorsk and Slavyansk

Slavyansk Shooting- Ukraine Civil War grows

Ukrainians Step on US Flag

US Caught in Big Lie Regarding CIA Director Brennan

USA: 5 Billion to Ukraine Recently

USA: 1 Billion More to Ukraine

Russian Winds of Change

US Coup in Ukraine

Ukraine Chaos Summary

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Good find, mate. Whilst its fairly obvious what has been happening over there, finding solid evidence has been tricky at best.  This is as solid as is gets. Good work.

Author — steveoc64