Watercity Waterpark Crete 2016

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Watercity waterpark is an exciting amusement park. Known as the most entertaining park of its kind in Europe, the park offers pure amusement to adults and children alike, you will find something to suit everyone here among the 36 different amusements, slides, pools and activities.

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I'm going to Crete the day after I finish school and I'm really looking forward to it we've already started packing

Author — Her Pastel Prince


I've been there. It was so great place.

Author — DiaFut


Πήγα ξανά μετά από πολλά χρόνια κ θα ξαναπάω

Author — Irene's connection


Go here! no matter your age x) It's fuuuun!

Author — Linus Perez


is there a hotel in which this is aquapark is all inclusive?
if not, how much does it cost for one day to enter it ?

Author — Yeet Itsme.x


i was in there in like
5 years
and i love this place.
the toilet water slide and the kamikaza water slide.
and the 6 color
and the red black.
and the white golf thing
and the 3 yellow that u race agens 2 peoples
i love this place
if u say to me from 1 to 10
i say infinity

Author — gegamertv123


had a nice time here with the kids but some of the staff were a bit creepy around very young girl asking are you with parents were are you staying

Author — Rob 48


Are there any weight restrictions für the slides? :)

Author — Bücher Diebin


Chilling in Piskopiano resort watching this

Author — Kim Jong-Un


I go to Kreta this Summer but I Cant go to this waterparadise

Author — Vivien _ts