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CP Time with Roy Wood Jr. - 2018 Episodes | The Daily Show 4.5

Remember: We're for the culture.

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i need one hour long cp time weekly please

Author — G K


I just saw a YouTube about Hazel Scott who was a famous Jazz pianist and singer in the 1950s and 60s. She was so famous that Hollywood came knocking on her door. She appeared as herself in several movies. In her last movie, she was supposed to play piano in a musical where Black women were saying goodbye to their husbands going off to war. In the rehearsals, she noticed that the Black wives were wearing dirty aprons. "No Black woman would ever see off her husband going to war in a dirty apron!" she said and refused to continue until the aprons were replaced with clean ones. The White director first told her to mind her own business but after three days delay in production, he caved, replacing the dirty aprons with beautiful sundresses. Hazel Scott was blacklisted by Hollywood after that. The House Un-American Activities Committee hauled her before it to declare she wasn't a communist which she did, but she dressed the Committee down verbally for its anti-communist witch hunt. She ended up having to go to France like so many other American Black performers to continue her career. She eventually returned to the USA and died, pretty much expunged from the US history books.

Author — Stuart M.


About time somebody pointed out the fact ll cool j don't die !!!

Author — liam needsome


My favorite daily show segment. Give Roy a show.

Author — logicslayer


how does he keep a straight face!? Mr Roy Wood Jr. is a treasure

Author — Daniel Pacheco


I gotta say I like how the music seamlessly blends into every outro

Author — Alex T


I knew denzel was gonna die....Because theres nothing in the woods for black people.



Damn that shiny moustache is blinding me 😂

Author — TooKutiful


Yaaay!! Made it early! Love CP time: It's for the culture!

Author — librarygyal0589


This dude is hilarious. I love to listen to him!

Author — J.S. Crawford


I need one of those nightgowns.. for the culture, of course

Author — Sonny Snow


I'm here in the comments...for the culture.

Author — Aliana Wood


"....some say it qualifies him as being off the chain.."😂😂😂

Author — Shubi Mukolera


The look the he gives wen he looks at the side camera🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂

Author — Bobby Goldberg


Laughing and getting educated at the same time. Keep killing it Roy!

Author — Teddy McCall


There should be CP Time every day. It’s so funny.

Author — Y E.


This was an awesome late Christmas present from Roy Wood Jr. and The Daily Show.
For the culture!

Author — deployedkitty


Roy wood jnr. Needs to expand this CP time into a full show...idz reali cool

Author — seyram kulewosi


.White men can't handle LL Cool J.
He's the 🐐.

Author — Edmar Costa


Screen writers are like „ I m not racist, but all black people have only supporting roles and die after 20 minutes.“

Author — Sues Anna