Two brothers inherit a lifetime collection, see what they have! | Barn Find Hunter - Ep. 69

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Two brothers inherit a lifetime collection, see what they have! | Barn Find Hunter - Ep. 69 5
Hunting for old Cars is all about connections, finding people who know people who can give you any lead they can think of. In this case, Tom heads to a familiar part of North Carolina where he has hunted before, he reached out to a former guest of "Barn Find Hunter" and he tells Tom about two brothers who have an eclectic collection of cars that were left to them by their Father. It turned out to be a great lead!

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sentimental attachment kills more old cars than rust does.

Author — tbirdsteve1


When a car is priced right you don’t have to explain anything. Uh I want $20, 000 but it needs some tweaking. Those cars and trucks will stay there forever



Depressing seeing all these cars rotting into the ground.
The prices he wants pretty much guarantees they aren't going anywhere.

Author — Scott Bott


"Does it run?" "Oh ya." "Just needs at set of points, clean the fuel system, rebuild the carb, and replace two pistons." "She will purr a like kitten again." lol

Author — Roger Miller


"that's fair for a running car." Yeah too bad it isn't a running car.

Author — Buddy Revell


I can't imagine anyone not liking Tom. He's just the coolest dude.

Author — Lawrence Ross


This old guy inherited all these cars, now wants more for them than they'll ever bring. His grandchildren will give them away, someday.

Author — Eddie Baker


Someone has been watching to much barrette Jackson lol

Author — norcalsvt 03


I'm sure he would love $20, 000 for that brand national it's worth about $8000.

Author — Mustang860


love it when guys look at a rusting beauty of a car sunk in mud "is it for sale" "nope I got big plans for that one" yeah right, 30 years later still in the mud ruined.

Author — TroubadourJuggernaut


"Does it run?". "Oh ya".
His brother said "don't lie" before parting. That was our first clue.

Author — Roy


Unfortunately all these cars will rot where they are parked, sad.

Author — jedslather


These two old birds are overpricing everything.

Author — Vavazelus


Cut the prices in half and they would still be twice too much.

Author — Doug Abbott


This guy is living in fantasy land with those prices he's asking

Author — Highly Skeptical


"does it run" "oh yeah just needs an engine rebuild and she runs"

Author — Cow muscle


That T-bird interior was really something. Like a space pod or something .

Author — CarburetorCulture


I like how everything "will run", "runs good"...LOL, yeah...OK pal.

Author — rooster


So early I got here before the people complaining about hoarders.

Author — Buck Ó Donnghaile


Looks like Mike Wolf and Frankie already picked all his signage by the shadows on the sides of the buildings.

Author — Randys FiftySevenChevy