Can You Taste Colors? (Test)

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Can You Taste Colors? (Test) 5

Today, we're asking the question... can you taste colors? GMM #1777

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💬 Comments

Rhett is the guy that guessed C on all questions on tests in school.

Author — Kyle Saladin


We forgot about grape soda, which doesn't even taste like grape, it tastes like purple man.

Author — sandwichthelol


Stevie: "I want you to not give any indication as to what the flavor profile is..."

Link: 🤢☹️😧😱😐

Author — Channelthehappyness


Fun fact: “Cherry” flavored things (such as medicine) often use almond extract instead of actual cherry flavoring. That’s why when we taste almond extract we are conditioned to think of cherries.

Author — Marianne Fleming


Rhett looks like a person who was lost and someone found him 10years later

Author — Harsh D


I haven’t watched this show in a while and oh my god what happened to Rhett hair

Author — The Smiler


“Give no indication of the flavor profile”
Link: *takes a bite and screams*

Author — Emily Davis


"dont indicate the taste"
link: *takes a bite and goes through all the stages of grief*

Author — Mute violence


Best pickup line of 2020 “yeah, I can taste colors”

Author — George Trapp


Rhett looks like he spent the entire quarantine in an old board game about a jungle

Author — Samuel Cole


This is, without a doubt, one of the most fascinating episodes of GMM I’ve ever seen.

Author — Phillip Whosoever


Rhett: My hair goes up
Link: My hair goes down

Rhett and Link in 2020:

Author — Derek Emmons


Totally enjoyed Rhetts astonishment when Link correctly identified the M&M colors!😁

Author — Laurie Owen


"The future of GMM is lion-faced McLaughlin and titanium-head Neal."
- McLaughlin, 2020

Author — Niña Sampang


my friend actually did this for the science fair last year and she gave me lemonade with green food colouring and i genuinely thought she had given me beer

Author — izzy


Humans in the 1950’s: there will be flying cars in 2020
Humans in 2020: what do colors taste like?

Author — Nailgut101


youtubers: exist
Raycon: its free real estate.

Literaly these guys are everywhere ahhhh

Author — Woodrow Gilson


I love how Rhett turned into a mountain man while link looks like he got lost in a IKEA

Author — Jon Arbuckle


Link's hair goes up, Rhett's hair goes down

Author — Sophia Priest


I watched a few years ago and each time I come back, Rhett gets hairier and hairier

Author — Butter