Build a Air Bike at home - with v4 775 Motor

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How to Build a Air Bike at home - with v4 775 Motor
- I Am Using 4pcs 150w 775 Motor, 6pcs 6v battery
- 4pcs x Propeller CW & CCW 10x4

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This is amazing.. how fast would you have to go to spine the motors from the wind.. You know if you were to put those on the tips of a wind mill in series you would have a great batter charger.

Author — Joseph DuPont


Professor pardal 🥰 você merece um torno mecânico tem muito a provar

Author — Alfaiataria Curso em vídeo


Era mejor si toda esa potencia iba directo a las ruedas, por un tema de eficiencia-tracción, pero nada mal, queda bastante bonito.

Author — Emanuel Marconi


Only thing left to do is to add a manual throttle system to the air propellers... That would let you control your speed preferences... Overall good build and gr8 concept...

Author — Bikram Maharjan


... лучше-бы на этот фэт поставил-бы 4х тактник!!!

Author — Вадим Кузнецов


That's great please put some protection over those blades that will kill you if you come off the bike.

Author — The frog


when you get done welding all that galvanized metal and die from the deadly gas don't say you wasn't warned. Do not do this without proper ventilation, it can be deadly.

Author — Wm Napier


Соседи наверное повесились или топор приготовили😂😂😂

Author — Александр Мартынов


Aswome work 👍🏻.
Try making something which converts air energy to electrical energy. Wise versa of this.

Author — mirza younus


When I read the title I thought it was going to be a combustion engine modified to run on compressed air

Author — wolfrig2000


Ah, the good old air bike.
Perfect for when an electric bike isn't loud enough!! 😂😂

Author — BHQC. EXE


La perte d'énergie est conséquente. Avec la même énergie dépensée, le vélo irait 10 fois plus vite s'il était équipé d'un moteur à entrainement par chaîne.

Author — Microbiologie


I was really shocked to see this bike running much faster than expected

Author — affan ahmed


It can be used as an assist.. I wouldn't depend on it.

Author — sanket negi


Finally! Someone who actually shows where to get the gear

Author — Space Ninja


This is so creative
thank you for this great things

Author — عصام سلييمان_ Essamsoleman


using 2 propeller in a line is useless, since it has the same power (rotation) the first one will cancel the second one, make the first one higher will increase power.

Author — Keree Project


Dude you are one of the most awesome creative guys I have ever watched on YouTube. This is just brilliant 😁❤️

Author — David Jacobsen


Thanks for sharing this, you really have a mind-set, really cool

Author — សុខ ជាន វីដេអូ


Me (with this bike) : IF YOU HAVE
than light...

Author — Ancient Alien