Greece In Eurovision: All Entries (1974-2018)

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Greece In Eurovision: All Entries (1974-2018) 5

Greece has competed in the Eurovision Song Contest since 1974, and has sent some great entries. This video allows you to watch them all in one place.

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Songs from Greece:

1974 - Krasi Thalassa Ke T'Agori Mou
1976 - Panaghia Mou, Panaghia Mou
1977 - Mathima Solfege
1978 - Charlie Chaplin
1979 - Socrates
1980 - Autostop
1981 - Feggari Kalokerino
1983 - Mou Les
1985 - Miazoume
1987 - Stop!
1988 - Kloun
1989 - To Dikou Sou Asteri
1990 - Horis Skopo
1991 - I Anixi
1992 - Olou Tou Kosmou I Elpida
1993 - Ellada, Hora Tou Fotos
1994 - To Trehantiri (Diri Diri)
1995 - Pia Prossefchi
1996 - Emis Dorame To Himona Anixiatika
1997 - Horespse
1998 - Mia Krifi Evaisthissia
2001 - Die For You
2002 - S.A.G.A.P.O.
2003 - Never Let You Go
2004 - Shake It
2005 - My Number One
2006 - Everything
2007 - Yassou Maria
2008 - Secret Combination
2009 - This Is Our Night
2010 - OPA!
2011 - Watch My Dance
2012 - Aphrodisiac
2013 - Alcohol Is Free
2014 - Rise Up
2015 - One Last Breath
2016 - Utopia Land
2017 - This Is Love
2018 - Oniro Mou


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Personally I can only say that I find Greece to be one of the most beautiful musics in the world. And these are "just" Eurovision songs, but Greek music is so incredible. Why? it's very simple. Where much of the rest of Europe lost much of their older traditions to begin with and all converged into now today having extremely similar types of music, in Greece you have many musical styles entirely unique, incredible sounds, the most instruments in all of Europe and possibly more than the rest of Europe combined. Then ofcourse it's incredibly beautiful and melodic language that again reflects it's historical richness as the Greek language is also the oldest continuous living language on the planet with over 35 centuries of written attestation till this day. Then Greek poetry is also word-wide known, and their songs are incredibly poetic. Then combine that with for instance over 10, 000 traditional dances in all corner of the country reflecting it's rich and deep cultural and historical heritage you will come to my personal reason why I truly love Greek music. It's a shame that the world is dominated by media in a way that much of the west's musics dilapidated into a few main forms that are monotonous and superficial. Hence my love for Greek music almost came naturally when I found it 10 years ago and started to search for it's many musics and hundreds/thousands of incredible musicians. Of course Greek music is known through ways in the world.

I mean everyone knows Maria Callas which is the best soprano throughout history, or Vangelis one of the best composers of our modern era, or Nana Mouskour which is in the top 10 most albums sold in history (in the list with Elvis, Michael Jackson, etc) with over 550 million albums sold all the way up to even George Michael who'm we know even for one of the most popular christmass songs in the world. Bottom line. I could recommend Greek music to anyone who is not satisfied with much of western Music.

Author — Alfsen_


Τα παλιά καλά χρόνια που μπαίναμε στη δεκάδα ή και στην τριάδα

Author — Titina Stam


Θυμάμαι που βγαίναμε στην 8η θέση και λέγαμε πόσο χάλια τα πήγαμε

Author — panandr


They say that the angels spoke greek, i think i understand now...

Author — Snowy Steampunk


Greece is my favourite Eurovision country. They have Sakis and Antique/Helena Paparizou!
12 points from Finland! <3

Author — Labbish


Ποιος αλλος βλεπει τα παλια για να θυμηθει της γαματες μερες;;

Author — Vrzzz • Gr


Sophia Vossou in 13th place is absolutely ridiculous. I'm not Greek, I am from Switzerland, but she should have won that year, she was absolutely amazing!!

Author — lorofcb3


omg στα 80's και στα 90's είχαμε κάποια bops👀
Τώρα η ελληνική μουσική είναι για τα σκουπίδια...

Author — aurora


H paparizou pige 2 fores stin eurovision tin proti fora 3 kai tin deuteri 1 the best HELENA PAPARIZOY

Author — Katerina Papadopoulou


WTF is wrong since 2014? Yianna Terzi's song is also my all time favorite.

Author — volkanyurdabak


Θυμάμαι σαν χθες πόσο είχα κλάψει που δεν βγήκε πρώτος ο Σάκης το 2004 με το shake it



Mariza Koch with " Panagia mou- Panagia mou". The best participation of Greece....It was the fist time with politic song in Eurovision contest.... Υπέγραψε και τραγούδησε με δική της ευθύνη , καθώς υπήρχαν φήμες ότι ελεύθερος σκοπευτής υπήρχε στην αίθουσα του διαγωνισμού και θα στρέφονταν εναντίον της. Οι υπεύθυνοι του διαγωνισμού δεν αναλάμβαναν την ευθύνη και έτσι εμφανίστηκε με δική της ευθύνη. Και όλα αυτά γιατί το τραγούδι της στρέφονταν εναντίον της Τουρκίας για την επέλαση του Αττίλα στην Κύπρο, δύο χρόνια πριν τον διαγωνισμό....

Author — Γιώργος Ζέρβας


Omg I didn't expect that almost all the songs are soo beautiful greeting from Turkey we love Greece

Author — evelyn salt


It hurts to see Oniro Mou as desqualified! For me is the best greek entry ever! <3 from Portugal

Author — Renato Pereira


Εν τω μεταξύ την πρώτη φορά στείλαμε την Παπαρίζου και βγήκε η τρίτη μετά στείλαμε και το Ρούβα και βγήκε τρίτος και λέμε δεν ξαναστέλνουμε την Παπαρίζου είχε τόσο καλή επιτυχία βγήκε πρώτη και μετά αφού ξανά στείλανε και το Ρούβα βγήκε έβδομος.

Author — Rena Papadopou


Η Γιάννα έπρεπε να περάσει ήταν πολύ ωραίο τραγούδι τους argo ούτε ξέρω γιατί μπήκαμε στον κόπο να τους στείλουμε

Author — Fotini Bozi


Η eurovision δεν αξίζει κ δεν θα αξίζει ποτέ τόσο σπουδαίες φωνές όπως της Μαρινέλλας.

Author — b for bill


Παλια η eurοvision εβγαζε διαμαντια τωρα δυστυχως εχει γινει ενα show για καταναλωση

Author — blackspider


until 2013(excluding 2012 which was underated) -Greece in top 10 and chasing top5- => 2014 Greece gets knocked on the 20th place (underrated), 2015 => Greece pays a crazy amount to decorate the singer's dress with diamonds and sends a GREAT song -> gets 19th place (too much underrated) => 2016 doesnt quaify for the first time (this wasnt my personal favourite but it could at least qualify...) =>2017 Greece sends this time a singer with a ballet, monitors and everything that could be used get 19th place (again underrated), !!!! and the worst crime europe has ever commited(2018) !!!! => Greece sends a song which becomes people's favourite and almost everyone was saying Greece would win =>DID NOT

Author — ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ komocity


I anixi will always be the best Greek entry ever ♥️

Author — fabrizio d'ambrosio