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Emi Jesite
Raga: Thodi | Tala: Misra Chapu | Composer: Thyagaraja

00:00 Introductory clip by TM Krishna
02:50 Alapana by Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar
07:02 Alapana by TN Krishnan
10:08 Composition: Emi Jesite
12:33 Neraval at kAma mOha dAsulai SrI rAmuni
14:58 Kalpana Swara
18:36 Composition: Emi Jesite

Vocal: Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar
Vocal Support: Madurai Krishnan
Violin: TN Krishnan
Mridangam: Umayalpuram K Sivaraman
Year: 1962

Audio was sourced from the personal collection of Vivek Ramanujan.

A pair of carved wood hindu lion (simmam) temple ornaments
Tamil Nadu or Karnataka, South India
17th - 18th century
Dimensions: 48.5 cm
Michael Backman

Emi jEsitE(n)Emi SrI rAma
svAmi karuNa lEni var(i)lalO
Whatever (Emi) one might accomplish (jEsitE) in this World (ilalO), what difference does it make (Emi) (jEsitEnEmi) if he (vAru) (literally they) (vArilalO) does not have (lEni) the grace (karuNa) of Lord (svAmi) SrI rAma?

kAma mOha dAsulai SrI rAmuni
kaTTu teliya lEni vAr(i)lalO(nEmi)
Having become slaves (dAsulai) to desire (kAma) (literally lust), delusion (mOha) (literally obsession) etc., those who (vAru) do not (lEni) know (teliya) the commandment (kaTTu) (literally bond) of SrI rAma (rAmuni), whatever they might accomplish in this World (ilalO) (vArilalO), what difference does it make?

guruvu tAnu-aitE-Emi kaNTiki mEnu
guruvai tOcitE-Emi
vara mantramu-anyulaku-upadESincitE-Emi
vara tyAgarAja nutuni daya lEni vAru-ilalO-(Emi)
Of what avail (Emi) whether one (tAnu) becomes (aitE) (tAnaitEnEmi) a preceptor (guruvu) or
of what avail (Emi) whether one’s body (mEnu) appears (tOcitE) (tOcitEnEmi) splendid (guruvai) to look at (kaNTiki) (literally for eyes) or
of what avail (Emi) whether one initiates (upadESincitE) others (anyulaku) in sacred (vara) syllables (mantramu) (mantramanyulakupadESincitEnEmi))?
those who (vAru) do not have (lEni) the grace (daya) of the sacred (vara) SrI rAma – one who is praised (nutuni) by this tyAgarAja, whatever they might accomplish in this World (ilalO) (vArilalO), what difference does it make?

Introductory clip:
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Music has moved from art to industry, from practice to performance, from a lifetime experience to what can only be called a factory shift. No space for it, only spots. You sing not to soar but to fit in. Old strangleholds, old monopolies, old manipulations have not gone away but have in fact found a new life in new tools for a big ticket control of the musician’s personal journey.

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The meaning Mr.Krishna is saying is not correct this is sad he don't understand the meaning of the song he is singing

Author — Surya Prasanna M