Las Vegas to Chicago - The Crew 2 | Logitech g29 gameplay

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Driving from Las Vegas to Chicago at The Crew 2 with Logitech g29 steering wheel on Audi RS5.

PC Specification: (DESKTOP)
Processor : Ryzen 7 3700X
RAM : Corsair 16GB DDR4

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this guy can break a world record for not breaking any laws in GTA V 😂

Author — Master Fire


What a coincidence lol, uploaded the same car today haha! The sound is just incredible

Author — Steerz


This is honestly my favorite highway, long straights, very open and flat

Author — Francisco Moran


When u play project cars 2 then come to see a game play of the crew you see how different arcade is to sim

Author — Euronymus Mclovin


Excellent my friend🔥 Big like👍 Have a nice day and great mood😉👌

Author — L.A. Cars


I dont speak english
Mano ficou daora dms esse carro velho nu q doido

Author — João Augusto


how did you get the g29 to work with the crew 2

Author — Kingston Is Goated


Bro are you having that Thrustmaster T300rs now

Author — Mohana chandran


Legit drove across the entire country in 22 minutes

Author — chisu sensei


I love everything except for how the in game driver makes tiny turns while the actual real human driver turns aggressively if that makes sense 😅 and I know certain cars are easier to turn but not like this 🤣

Author — Liam Ashton


Hi please what is the setting you using for montage in adobe premiere and witch software you using for recording please respond

Author — Ali Pro Gaming


cool but it would be nice if there was music in the back round

Author — Gabriel Blake


for the people that have the crew2, iam thinking to get it cause it looks fun and all that i tried the free 4 hour version and got the mercedes amg gtr and now iam thinking to get the whole game do you recommend me to get the crew2?

Author — it’s gamer yanal


@hanedafz I record my videos in 1080p and 1440p with OBS Studio and quality are very good in my PC and after render in Premiere Pro. But after I upload it to youtube, the videos are pixelated and looks 360p. Can you help me?

Author — 1K Subscribers


1:50 wtf . is my brain lagging or is it just his steering wheel configuration did not synchronize correctly ?!

Author — Midnight Cruiser


HOLY MOLYY! I only watched it coz of that gun shot... My next download would be a CREW 2 :D

Author — Car K Gaming


Crew 2:- The game will enter maintenance in 20 mins
This guy:- Gas, Gas, Gas

Author — iFly73


Bro i really need your help i have the same steering wheel and its got problem so if you have instegram i would happy to send you video of the problem and you could help me

Author — Switches Sound Test


I play crew everyday it's a good game the engines sound beautiful, I am always looking for someone to race with me New York hypercar event

Author — Cuba-666


God i wish they would fix the steering rotation in this game. It's like the only thing from making this the perfect cruising game

Author — Natsuki