What I learned from my Divorce. (as a millionaire)

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Jeff bezos wife has proven that becoming a pro divorcer has serious potential career wise

Author — LD


How I swallowed the red pill (as a millionaire)

Author — Fevir


Marriage is like a Tornado: "In the beginning there's a lot of blowing and sucking, then you lose your house".

Author — Mgtow


It makes me sad reading this material. I am 73, and I suppose I have been very lucky. My first wife requested a divorce after 4 years. I did not contest it, as who wants to be married to someone who does not want to be married to you? She was very kind to me, and did not ask for a penny. My second wife has been with me since the early 80's, almost 40 years. As we age, I like her better and better. I find marriage is a lot like rocks in a jewelers tumbler... the drum turns and turns over the years, and the rocks tumble together, and the rough edges get worn off. Perhaps even the gems begin to show through. Blessings and best wishes to all.

Author — ackerrj


Never enter a contract with someone who gets paid to break it
conclusion: DON'T GET MARRIED

Author — Younes Elkhaloufi


He's right.. In a joint bank account it's not 50-50% ownership.. It's 100-100% ownership. I've worked at banks and brokerages and can tell you either joint account holder can take 100% of the cash at any time.. 100% legal.. Don't get a joint bank account!

Author — Keith Rich


Been married twice. Been divorced twice. Currently single and staying single for a time hopefully. Life’s far less stressful when you don’t have drama in your life.

Author — Andy Black


Big true. Bible says the love of money is the root of all evil.

Author — Xendrius


When you are a millionaire (or billionaire) you can lose half your wealth and still be rich and financially stable. When you are middle-class a divorce that takes half your wealth will leave a man near HOMELESS.

Author — Mind Blown


Techlead is only adding "as a millionaire" because he was a billionaire before the divorce.

Author — TNII


90% of Rational Male readers read it too late :P

Author — Digital Deepak


“I have a great relationship with my parents, I live with them” best line as a millionaire lol

Author — Nelson Lu


Marriage is the only kind of relationship that once you sign on the dotted line, you can completely throw away what you said before and act like a complete a-hole, and the other party can’t fire you without giving you half of what he owns.

Author — RunningDad’s toys


Love the "I have a great relationship with my parents - I live with them." Pure gold.

Author — duke n


I'm seeing successful, smarter than average dudes bypassing marriage altogether. Maintaining wealth via working long hours can result in a lonely wife with a social media addiction for validation. Divorce is almost guaranteed soon after.

Author — Victor Ramos


I’ve been married for 44 years. We never had much money in the first 25 years, but we are now both multi-millionaires due to lucky stock picks, mostly FAANG stocks.
Trust was never an issue with us. It was just something we took for granted. Thanks for your insights.

Author — Average76Guy


"I've had more mental peace and tranquility in the past three years than I've had in a long time" This man was in truly toxic relationship which costed him a lot financially and psychologically!

Author — Mustafa Can Aydın


"people who treat their own family poorly, will treat you poorly too"

Author — Jun Siu


My man took the redpill and is doing a pretty good job at giving it out to his followers...

Author — Pharaoh 300


He is the dad I never had. This is so underrated channel. TechLead is doing a very good job. I wish I could promote him to MVP position.

Author — Shivam Malhotra