Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: An Unbridled Rage

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: An Unbridled Rage 5

Disney's failure is now complete.

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Hello there!

It's pretty crazy that it's been two years since I put out that video ranting about a crappy movie and now, here we are.

Disney managed to make, essentially, the exact same mistake as they did in 2017 and so I have a perspective to share on the subject. This video kinda wiped me out a bit, I've been writing, editing and rendering for 3 weeks straight, little sleep/socialising but it meant getting something that normally takes about a month and a half out, in half the time.

Thanks to that, there may be a couple of mistakes and corners cut but the message is mostly unmistakable;

The Rise of Skywalker was awful, the sequel trilogy was a disaster...

But I am thankful for what it brought my life. I'm thankful for you lot enjoying my content and supporting this channel. I guess this video marks the end of an era in a way, or at least the bookend for the two years. I have a bunch of big plans for 2020, I hope to see you lot there. o/

See yah next time folks...

Author — MauLer


"I'm Rey"
"Rey who?"
"Uh, I don't have a last name. I'm on my own."
"So... Solo."

Author — Amber Smith


This video is a better movie than the movie it's critiquing.

Author — Time of Light


Even the ACTORS hated the freaking movie xD

Author — Jbrick


"Disney's failure is now complete"

Mulan: "Hold my beer!"

Author — Smallpotato1965


Remember when even the Millenium Falcon - the ship with one of the fastest hyperdrives in the galaxy - still needed a lengthy period of time to travel between Tatooine and Alderaan?

Remember when lightspeed was something ships only did when virtually out of a planet's orbit, implying hyperjumping couldn't be done too near to any significant gravity well?

Remember when it couldn't even be done within an asteroid field because the chances of being instantly obliterated going that fast through such random debris was so damn high?

If you remembered this, then you already have a better handle on Star Wars lore than the managers, lead writers and directors behind this saga.

Author — Gryphon Botha


This entire trilogy could’ve been redeemed if Rey, at the end, said “I’m Rey palpatine” and then electrocuted that old lady

Author — Burr


Rey: This dagger has done terrible things.
Lightsaber Rey is using: *laughs in slaughtered Youngling*

Author — Luke Justham


Headcanon: the sequel trilogy never happened

Author — long


Rey, someone who grew up on a desert planet, knows how to sail a boat better than people who do it for a living and fly better than the best pilot in the galaxy?

That's like an African jungle Bush-lady knowing how to build an igloo better than an Eskimo and skateboard better than Tony Hawk

Author — JR The Hunter


Never thought I'd laugh at the word McMuffin numerous times.

Author — Th3RussBus


I'm going to pretend that when C3PO looked to the screen and said "I'm taking one last look at my friends", he was speaking to the audience.

Author — ultimatewpn


Ep 7: They killed off Han Solo
Ep 8: They killed off Luke
Ep 9: They killed off Leia
Conclusion: it's all about destroying and ruining the original six movies of Star Wars 😭

Author — Super Shabby


The line “I will finish what you started” COULDVE been so poetic, if he was the one to kill the emperor, and bring balance.. but no

Author — Brandon Miller


Roses are red
Violets are blue
I don’t count the sequels as canon
And neither should you

Author — Subscribe Or Die


"She trains now!"
"She trains now?"
"She trains now."

Author — DarthDevorin


Did disney forget that TIE fighters aren't supposed to have hyper drive... they are short range fighter's that have to dock with a larger ship to get around

Author — jaylex666


*You can't activate shields in the atmosphere*

Gungans: uhhm Exsqueeze me

Author — someone something


Is no one going to mention how "lightspeed skipping" is literally a copy paste of the portal traveling done in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Author — Mad Pyer


You know, I love how Mauler just takes scenes from other movies lip syncs them to what he is saying, and uses them to visually convey what he is feeling in addition to his tone of voice. Really shows his mastery of longman editing.

Author — TankHunter678