UKHC Interviews - Episode 8 - Part 3 - Pierre Mendivil - Beginnings of Knuckledust & Rucktion Recs

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Episode 8 of various interviews with people involved within the UKHC scene.

This interview was filmed the day after Ready Fest at New Cross Inn on Saturday 10th October 2019 at Rucktion HQ in London.

Interview with Pierre Mendivil of Knuckledust, Rucktion Records, Bun Dem Out.

This is episode 3 of 3 on the history of the legendary UK band Knuckledust and Rucktion Records.

Filmed and edited by David Tan.

Additional Footage from Andrew Nolan (Rucktion TV) Kathryn McBride, Sean Pitcam, Owen Diplock, Hate5Six, Jonathan Sandherr, GHC Archive, Pepperoniipizza & Stageload.

Photos sourced from : Facebook, Discogs, Rucktion Records, Wema Maduhu, Tom Barnes, Rough Trade, Radio X, Pinterest, Stuck in the Past, Bandcamp & Crows Nest Studio.

Music used :

Knuckledust - Punished
Knuckledust - The Return Of
Afterburn - Forced Doubt

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Think my first HC Show was an all dayer in TJs with Knuckledust and Unite probably around 01 or 02. Was £5 on the door. Almost 20 years later and they’re still doing shows for a fiver. Gotta love that!

Author — Backmasking


Thanks for everything Pierre! Wish I'd have said hi.

Author — Lewis Dexter Litanzios


The most sincere dude going.
Copy and circulate.

Author — mark breadman