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How to Make a Recording Studio in Your Room?🎤 | MOVAVI HELPS 5

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Want to make your own music or record cover songs at home? In this video, we'll show you how to set up a basic home studio.

🎤Here's a list of music recording equipment that you're going to need🎤

➤ Computer for making music
It doesn't matter if it's PC or Mac, but it should have a Core i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM. If you can add more RAM and make it 16 GB, even better.

➤ Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
DAW is a type of software that's used for recording and editing music. There are lots of popular DAWs on the market: Ableton Live ($449), Cubase ($587), Pro Tools ($599), Logic Pro X ($200), and many others. If you're just starting out, you can use the free "GarageBand" app on Mac, or the affordable "Reaper" ($60) on Windows.

➤ Audio recording headphones
In order to hear the music you're working with, you'll need headphones. This is a very important part of studio gear ‘cuz built-in laptop speakers are no good for this purpose. A couple of good, affordable models are: Sennheiser HD 280 Pro ($99), KRK KNS6400 ($99), and AKG K240 STUDIO ($65).

➤ Microphone
Recording vocals at home can’t do without a good mic. So if you plan to record vocals, acoustic guitar, or percussion, you must have a microphone. We recommend these two popular condenser microphones: Samson C01 ($79) or Audio Technica AT2020 ($100).

➤ Audio interface
The audio interface is another essential item of studio equipment. It's used to connect your microphone, electric guitar, or synthesizer to your computer. We recommend you buy a Focusrite Scarlett Solo ($99) or Presonus Audiobox USB 96 ($99).

➤ MIDI keyboard
MIDI keyboards offer huge possibilities: you can play any synthesizer you find on the web, record drum parts or bass lines by just pressing the keys, and much more. Our recommendations are: Arturia MiniLab MkII ($109) and Akai Professional MPK Mini ($119).

🔥🎤 Bonus: advanced stuff!🎤🔥

When you're ready to get more professional, here are two more items you can add to your home studio setup.

➤ Studio monitors
Studio monitors help you master your tracks so that they will sound good via any speakers. We recommend these two models: JBL Professional 305P MkII ($149) or Presonus E4.5 ($199).

➤ Home studio soundproofing
You may want to soundproof the room if you're recording vocals or acoustic instruments. To prevent echo, use sound absorbing materials: put a rug on the floor and hang acoustic foam panels on the walls and the ceiling – that should do the job.

Now you know how to make a recording studio in your room. And you're amazing.

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Promo code of 15% DISCOUNT: VLOG15 😃 For the subscribers only!

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