Five times the Speaker became the story - BBC News

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Five times the Speaker became the story - BBC News 5
As John Bercow steps down from the House of Commons chair, here are some of his memorable moments.

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I just love how he turned that attack on him about his wife's Anti Brexit car sticker around on that jackass like a boss.

Author — The Exiled


What will become off the children in the Lower Classroom without this teacher?

Author — Jacob Friskus


I call the comment section to order! ORDA, ORDAA!

Author — Seamus Harper


It's not totally unheard of for a man to become _more_ liberal and _less_ tribal as he matures. You will be missed, Mr. Bercow.

Author — Aj Meyers


Five times the Sun threw a fit about the speaker.

Fixed it for you.

Author — BLT4LIFE


At Least Bercow is Rest of the Honourable's are just Dogs Fighting Over a Dead Body

Author — cheryl taylor


Mr. Bercow will be sorely missed. I wish him and his family well in their future endeavors.

Author — Chris Teet


The only functioning guy in the parliament.

Author — Apollo


Most of the commenters here are chuntering from a sedentary position. 🧐

Author — Margaret Wilson


I live in Canada-and I think he's great.

Author — Blackwell


My friends of the comment section...



Author — DYZ.G Comment


There is no point in the next brexit phases if he's no more the Speaker. No any more 😭😭😭

Author — marty mitch


Bercow is like a Monty Python character irl

Author — JogBird


diddums the minister who thought Mr Tough No-nonsense was bullying him - well as Mr Bercow is running the childcare centre he sometimes has to bring the children to order when they run amok

Author — aoteagirl nz


The leader of the Muppets retiring? Now the inmates will truly run the asylum.

Author — Mark Donovan


John Bercow is the legend. He kept peace in the House of Commons.
Everyone loves him.

Author — Dominika Domaczaja


when he became the story it was when he explained to the public how the process works. As an outside observer, in canada, this is clear. and his clarity from the chair is welcome as someone in a Westminster style democracy

Author — Dusty Keleher


I feel bad for him. He was cool, and he tried to mediate the best he could in the commons, and was disrespected to the concept of his job. So what if he accidentally called someone a cow. It has to be nerve wracking to deal with incompetence because the politicians are not listening or too divisive. Yelling gets you no where.

Author — Totalitarian Reject


What a legend! Get martin freeman to play him in a biopic!

Author — Zellies


Johnson it the last Horcrux of Cromwell, the man has already shut out the peoples representatives at Westminster, if HM Queen Elizabeth II passes away during prorogation can you imagine the complexity of a Kings Speech? A coronation with a program by a minority government without a mandate to govern. Either way with Bercow out, the farce deepens.

Author — aljanat5