The economy is India’s most potent weapon, but it’s losing its power

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The economy is India’s most potent weapon, but it’s losing its power 4.5

A red-hot economy was India’s greatest strategic strength. It's now diminishing and damaging India’s stature, as reflected in responses to the Kashmir crisis.

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why no one talks about backwardness of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, these two regions are even behind Kashmir, wtf is that.

Автор — Lalit Teo


China is quiet ahead of us in almost everything. We need to compare ourselves to them. It will paint us a real picture. It will give us motivation to work hard. Please always compare with china and not any other neighbours.

Автор — Akarsh


Guptaji, please do an episode on what big ticket economic reforms this govt must bring to grow at 8%

Автор — Chirag Patel


So the government thought mob lynching and economic growth can eoexist?

Автор — DARTH Vader


Those who are listening to him and following him as their legend diplomat, polity analyst and researcher, are foolish.. Shekhar gupta you're probably an urban Naxal for country

Автор — Rohit Kashyap


Economies all over the world are in Truble. But I think this government could have done Better.

Автор — Indian Aristocrat


When people and government are more worried about Pakistan, economy will suffer...

Автор — Sachin Singh


What to do with economy. India is going to have a war with Pakistan.

Автор — Sandeep Srivastava


Is the printed version of the print available in Delhi NCR?? Or anywhere

Автор — arpita rai


People said Demonitization would hurt us in the long run. I didn't believe them then.

Then they imposed GST instantly. They said it should have been done in a better way. I didn't believe them.

Look where we are now.

Автор — Aayush


Very interesting take on relationship between economy and geopolitics. Thank you, learned a lot.

Автор — Drowned Sword


Sir, you haven't explained why this weapon is losing its power.

Автор — Ravi Putcha


Shekhar Gupta has always given me something new, each time I’ve read, seen or heard him

Автор — Sajid Ali


When there is global economic down turn, the answer is to go into accelerated domestic infrastructure, R & D and Innovation development spending. This is what China did and it paid dividend later on for many years. However, this Chinese growth is now slowing down due to its own success, demographic challenges and the US trade sanctions.

Автор — kiwiwala


To prove the point I made below. FDI inflows up by 28 percent first quarter 2019.

Автор — Arun Sharan


What I'm seeing in the comment section is that all of a sudden, people have started disseminating this narrative that economic slowdown is not a fault of India or its policies but it is something that's happening all over the world. IT cells have been given new scripts to spread this propaganda so that people won't question government.
How stupid are we?!

Автор — Anish Mohan


Can you please make a episode on Israel Pakistan relations .

Автор — Vinay Sonone


Economy is what always important. But economy works with internal policies and spending on infrastructure.

Автор — Sri Ram Prasanna Arikapalli


Question: 3:37
Backbencher: Monica Lewinsky.

Автор — MK Ganya


Nice setup my office table would be just like that except chair

Автор — Sanjay Rawat