Trump addresses Iranian drone shot down by USS Boxer

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Trump addresses Iranian drone shot down by USS Boxer 4.5
President Trump speaks on military incident with Iran from the White House. #FoxNews

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Realize that MSNBC and CNN haven’t said anything about this yet

Author — Parvis Gaming


Notice he said, "we call on other countries to defend their ships."

That's a radical change in US naval policy. We've been offering world wide naval protecting for free since the end of WW2.

No more free lunch, looks like.

Author — Shannon Love


Iran seems to be acting out of desperation. The sanctions must be having a devastating impact on Iran.

Author — Richard Ralph Roehl


Iran wants another 150 billion cash. It's what obama did. That money was to appease them for not mining uranium. They never even checked if Iran stopped. We now have a president that won't be blackmailed. Go trump 2020

Author — carol scriven


Hopefully it was done while playing some AC/DC music!

Author — Rodimus Prime


Obama would have criticized the actions of our military. Glad to have Trump as our leader.

Author — Speckolog


This are the things congress should be dealing with instead of fighting the President.

Author — Von Thairu


Great job men and women of the USS Boxer.

Author — Tony No Boloni


One of Ours gets blasted. So they lose one! Eye for an Eye. Well done Mr. President!!

Author — Tommy Gunn


Outstanding !!! Any Iranian vessels or aircraft that approach our ships in a hostile manner should be SHOT DOWN IMMEDIATELY !!!!

Author — Randy McCloud


You don't tug on superman's cape and you don't spit into the wind... Jim Croce

Author — keith mcleod


I love the fact that POTUS allows the ships in the AO to operate under their own ROE.

Author — Schutzstaffel Hastag


This was really well done and well mannered. Thank you Trump.

Author — Chuckles_BOT_


I'll be 18 in a few months and I can't be any more happy that my first ever vote will be for Donald J Trump ! MAGA

Author — Drake Bolay


Send the, " FRAUD SQUAD, " to Iran!!

Author — Alice Knight


I’m beginning to see a lot more trump supporters on these videos❤️❤️❤️❤️ yee yee

Author — Josh Caldon


One thing that has always surprised me about the US of A, is their mighty Naval fleet. They almost have control of the whole ocean

Author — Gmoneyman


Thank you so much to the men and women that protects liberties everyday🇺🇸

Author — Psycho NYC


i like the story... we shot down the drone.... something that they normally dont do is protect its own people....

Author — luis martinez


"Immediately destroyed " I love it.

Author — Big Moe : The Former C/O