Top 10 HISTORICAL Games COMING in 2019!

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Top 10 HISTORICAL Games COMING in 2019! 4


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Starting 2019 with a top 10. It can only go up!

Автор — Resonant


Congrats M&B! Only you could be the most anticipated release of the year for 4 years straight.

Автор — horrorclause


Bannerlord will release April 1st as an 8bit swordmaking simulator

Автор — Cårl ø' Dütÿ KFH


There's no way es6 is coming in 2019, i hope not at least so they can take their time. I really don't want a repeat of fallout 76.

Автор — Connor Menkins


Bannerlord? Aren't you supposed to restrict this list to games coming out in 2019?

Автор — K.L. Graham


How are these games historical?? most of these are fantasy games. Maybe "medieval fantasy" but fantasy nonetheless

Автор — Belg


Elder Scrolls 6 is coming out after Starfield, which isn't coming out in 2019 anyway. So you should maybe do a bit more research?

Автор — Aidan Allen


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Автор — Ruby Friday


Well this was an unexpectedly bad list? Most of these games have nothing to do with actual history and even if we look past that, TES 6 in 2019 are you mad? Not a single mention of titles such as Imperator Rome, Total war: Three Kingdoms etc.

Автор — Shizzle


Assasins creed: hey can I copy your homework?
Dark souls: sure just change it a little...

Автор — 500Hobbits


Just because a game is set in medieval times it doesnt make it historical lol

Автор — Tvs1


elder scrolls isn't coming in a few years

Автор — Nogard Ren


Man i enjoy your videos, but i dont think historical is what you think it is...

Автор — Vampire Count


Yeah Bannerlord, Elder Scrolls, and vikings battle royale very "historical"

Автор — TheIronPrice1


Dude, don't put historical in the title if you are using fantasy games. "Technically is not" isn't an excuse. You even put it in all caps. Click baiting much?

Автор — Rocky Mountain hermit


There isn’t a hope in hell ES6 is coming out soon. It’s not going to come out in the next 5 years in my opinion

Автор — Derek Meinke


"Im english and were bad at everything" yeah we only conquered most the world

Автор — Eric Scott


yea Top 10 HISTORICAL Games COMING in 2019! are you sure about bannerlord? xD

Автор — GAMER


War of Rights, come on here. This should be the top listed game for this list, blows any of these games out of the water in terms of actual historical accuracy.

Автор — Christopher Cowles


No Imperator: Rome? Is it because it is a strategy game?

Автор — Done up like a kipper