Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island, ca. 1940

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Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island, ca. 1940 5


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I hope that people will collectively be able to fill in a lot of the blanks here ..Places & people? There seems to be a lot of the Margarees, Lake Ainslie, Possibly Inverness company houses leading to the water? There is a store at the 19 minute mark that says L.D. Cameron

Author — Darryl MacLeod


Great video...I would love to see someone video a lot of these scenes/locations today, for a side by die comparison. Lots of land farmed in the old days...nothing grown anymore, everything brought in from the US or Mexico!

Author — George Shears


I'd say the first shot is Halifax Public Gardens

Author — joadhenry


My Mother, Margaret Shirley Young, grew up here, DOB I can't wait to show her this :)

Author — Susan Schroeder


9:25 to 13:00 is Whycocomagh showing Skye Mtn. behind the Reservation with wig-wam construction. Panning around Whycocomagh Bay to Salt Mtn. and Indian Island, then Stewardale cemetery and MacLean Church. This church burned to the ground in 1960 and was over 100 years old at the time.

Author — a Macgillean


Those clothing and hair styles look like the 1920s more than 1940.

Author — An Devineach


The drop waist dresses, bobbed hair, cloche hats and the vehicles make me believe this is more likely the 1920s. At least for some of the footage.

Author — Gale Thompson