Tobias Engel: SS7: Locate. Track. Manipulate.

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Companies are now selling the ability to track your phone number whereever you go. With a precision of up to 50 meters, detailed movement profiles can be compiled by somebody from the other side of the world without you ever knowing about it. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Tobias Engel

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Him: There are many countries in the World whose governments I wouldn't trust with this functionality

Me: Dude, there's no country in the World whose government I'd trust with this functionality. NONE

Author — clinton chogo


Missed the jokes about it but cool that there appears to be live captioning

Author — Mallory


Danke für dein Beitrag 😊
Hast du zufällig den Film Wunder der Lebenskraft oder Heal gesehen?
Ist ein schöner Filmabend gewesen ☀️

Author — Victor Zuse


Can you still do an attack over a iPhone 11 to get all the messages and informations WhatsApp, Telgram chats, etc? How much?

Author — Diego Ferrari


Dear Media CCC

is There any way to contact Tobias Engel as fast as possible?

Thanks in advance!

Author — Frank Mueller


Can someone explain please: what's happening starting at 37:10?

Author — Anna Zolkieve


Is there any real way to stop ss7 hacking? Can you install a firewall to block ss7? Somebody give me something to work

Author — Kim Seong


This means I can unplug the T1/E1 line on from my Cisco Router's CSU/DSU card and plug it into a PC with CP400P/E Interface Card with SS7 software and gain access to this network?

Author — Schweizer d


can SS7 hack get the smartphone contents such as photos and remote camera?

Author — Garet Hbaei


I don't know how much pressure this guy have faced before telling the story to the world.

Author — Ajay K


waste of time, please dont watch he does, nt revel any thing

Author — Robin Willson