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Top 10 Heavyweight Knockouts | ONE Full Fights 4

ONE Championship’s heavyweight division features some of the hardest-hitting martial artists on the planet, with the power to end their opponent’s night with a single blow! Relive the top 10 heavyweight knockouts in ONE history, including Alain Ngalani’s spinning heel kick KO of Mahmoud Hassan, Brandon Vera’s one-punch knockout of Mauro Cerilli, and much more!

Which heavyweight knockout was the most impressive?

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00:06: #10 - Alexandre Machado vs. Alain Ngalani
07:11: #9 - Alain Ngalani vs. Igor Subora
08:41: #8 - Alexandre Machado vs. Hideki Sekine
15:46: #7 - Brandon Vera vs. Igor Subora
19:48: #6 - Tarik Khbabez vs. Alain Ngalani
32:45: #5 - Alain Ngalani vs. Mahmoud Hassan
33:40: #4 - Brandon Vera vs. Paul Cheng
34:32: #3 - Anderson Silva vs. Andre Meunier
36:16: #2 - Alain Ngalani vs. Hideki Sekine
36:56: #1 - Brandon Vera vs. Mauro Cerilli

Author — ONE Championship


Esse Alan é igual guepardo, só tem explosão nós primeiros segundos, depois vira um cágado

Author — Augusto Siqueira


Alain Ngalani in the 1st fight shown he looks to me like a slimmer smaller ronnie coleman

Author — Mr Venum


Ngalani toma muito Nescau e Yakult pra ficar fortinho... Ele é um lutador brutal, mas se não acaba com a luta rápido, o gás termina!

Author — Adriano Pires de Carvalho


Me: Can we get Anderson Silva?
Mom: We have Anderson Silva at home.
Anderson Silva at home: 34:30.

Author — Ferdle Turgleson


Love the first 2. They just get so tired after round 1 they just give up lol

Author — Christopher Chapman


Ref in the 1st fight was fantastic, alot would have stopped it when we was mounted but he was covering up well and throwing the odd punch back

Author — William Greenwood


Love how half of them are finishing a 45 year old man. Sure he keeps himself healthy asf and we all wish we could be him but he’s been in some wars and all of it adds up. Mad respect tho 🤙

Author — Asylum Sixx


#2 easily my fravourite, Sekine must feel like a right nob 😳😳😳

Author — Michael Burness


Does it seem like every other promotion gets a color commentator that sounds like Joe Rogan?

Author — boo pah


Your video editor need to know the meening of highlights.your videos are too long.

Author — elsky mcgrady


Am I the only one who has an issue when it comes to featuring those KO's in top10?!..

Author — 360's gaming


A tap out to fatigue = KO?
Learn something new every single day on YouTube.

Author — MH DuBois


do you know the meaning of knock out?

Author — Santiago Katzenstein


How to beat Ngalani
Get past round 1 so he gassed out

Author — Itachi †


Machado deserves a belt after that performance. Good shit, he’s a legend

Author — Kim Jong Dave


Muito longo esse vídeo !!!
Mostra só os nocautes pô !!!

Author — Luciano T A


I really love how one shows the entire fights. I like one so much better than UFC. UFC looks like WWE compared to it.

Author — Cesare Smetters


75% - можно просто перематывать, тягомотина!

Author — Александр Каргин


First 5 fights 38 minutes. Last 5 fights 30 seconds. Lol!

Author — jacques taljaardt