Union Home Minister Amit Shah moves resolution to revoke Article 370, in Rajya Sabha

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah moves resolution to revoke Article 370, in Rajya Sabha 4.5

Union Home Minister #AmitShah moves resolution to revoke #Article370 in Rajya Sabha


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Just think about the strategy behind this. First NIA bill, then UAPA bill, then lockdown in J&K, and then this. Bow down to the masterminds.

Author — Khal Drogo


Modi+Shah = Unstoppable pair.
Great move from NDA.

Author — Ram Naresh Yadav MG


1st monday- chandrayaan 2🚀
2nd monday- triple talaq
3rd monday- abrogating article 370, 35a
4th monday- modi with bear grylls.

Author — Roll No. 07


Opposition is behaving like kishmiri stone pelters. Shame

Author — Ramesh Khade


ALpha To CharLie .. ALpha To CharLie ... Mota Bhai Ne MehBoOBa Ki MaRLi ... I Repeat it ALpha To CharLie ...

हमेशा सरकारें सोचती थीं कि आतंकी क्या करने वाले हैं ..?? 😶
पहली बार आतंकी सोच रहे हैं सरकार क्या करने वाली है ..! 🚩🙏

Jai Hind ... वंदे मातरम् 🇮🇳

Author — Raahul Anand Sharma


If Congress oppose this bill they will completely lose mandate of people and even not get little seat which they got .jai hind, good work

Author — prakash patel


Why are they (congress) behaviour like chutiyaa ???
If they oppose this bill they will loss their remaining seat

Author — Ajit GhuleH


When strong and powerful leaders
Lead our nation.
Modi hai toh Mumkin hai !!

Author — Sunita Mahanta


Sardar Patel -2 Thank you Modi ji for waiting and then strategically bringing Amit Shah ji as my India's HM.

The boldest decision ever made by any Govt. in India.

Author — Shivinder Singh Saini


Teacher's Old dialogue: class hai ki shabji mandi.
New dialogue: class hai ki

Author — Dhairya Parmar


REPEAL 370 kashmir people deserve consolidation with INDIA
it's necessary, it's mandatory, it's required, it's non-negotiable, will promote egalitarian india 🇮🇳

Author — Utkarsh Kumar


Congrattulations brother and sister it's historical day of india let's be celebrates...Jai Hind Jai Bharat



Kids in the body of adults these politicians, creating such a ruckus in the Rajya Sabha.

Author — I am What I am


Those who have opposed reorganisation of #JammuAndKashmir:

Congress, JD(U), CPI, TMC, DMK, RJD, MDMK, PDP, SP



And the history is made....and it happened in my lifetime....cheers

Author — vishal sharma


Ye log desh ko age le ja skte hn ..?

I feel so shame, even my school students are more disipiline than them.

Author — Sam Sharma


Dear Politicians of all Political Parties,
All eyes of People of India are on You today, We are seeing who stand with India and who stand against India today !!! You will be repaid rightfully in the next elections when you come beg for votes from us !!!

Author — Melodic Nostalgic


No words to express the pride one feels in strong, National Interest, National Unity driven top leadership

Author — Vibhav Agarwalla


I didn't see any peaceful Indian Muslim comment in comment section

Author — the real fact


Shows us the faces of everyone protesting this Bill, People of India will show them their place next election. Never-mind, We can imagine they are all Commies and Congress.

Author — Melodic Nostalgic