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How artificial intelligence is changing our society | DW Documentary 4.5

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing our lives. It touches on all aspects of society - private life, business, security -- including in the spread of fake news and the challenges posed by the advent of autonomous weapons.

This documentary looks at the rapid change digitalization is causing as it unfolds. In particular, breakthroughs in artificial intelligence are opening completely new horizons. In their film about AI, Tilman Wolff and Ranga Yogeshwar examine the role AI plays in the spread of fake news. They also consider a future with robots and the risks and ethical questions posed by the development of autonomous weapons. To address these issues, they travel the globe to speak with leading experts. AI can generate perfectly forged sound and videos, making it effective for purveying fake news. Discerning the truth from fiction will become increasingly difficult. Technology will streamline work, making some jobs surplus to requirements. Software will pilot self-driving cars and aerial drones. AI is rapidly opening up new vistas, but turning blind corners at speed can be risky. How sensible is this type of progress, and at which point should society step in and set limits to its development?

A documentary by Tilman Wolff und Ranga Yogeshwar

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Author — mikemichaelmusic09


I am so incredibly grateful for these DW documentaries, thank you for making such high quality content!

Author — Torren Ptz


Okay I'm one minute in and the narrator has already posed the question: *"What will remain science fiction?"*

If the conclusion isn't that *_nothing_* will remain science fiction...
Then I'm gonna have to hit the dislike button.

Author — Anon


German kids: "I believe we will become robots too"
Zoomers today are already prepared to merge with technology and machine.
Cyberpunk 2077 is coming.

Author — Anime watch


artificial intelligence is what will be use for deception and lies

Author — Stevenson Bowen


Quote: "A machine cannot replace a human being."
AGI: Hold my beer!

Author — J


So far, the most valuable content among youtube channels! Please keep producing high quality products and spread awareness. Danke schon, DW!

Author — Mo sleman


Yet, nobody told in this doc how the Chinese and other govs are using AI to control and suppress their population!

Author — Rafael Felix


until machines like this can get bored and decide to have a rock fight please don't call it 'him', it's still an 'it'....

Author — bela katootz


When he said "A person can think and send descending commands through the limbs and then they measure those commands and they control synthetic motors on the bionic limb"
That blew my mind! 🔥👏🏾

Author — Charles Uneze


Another thought provoking documentary from DW, thank you.

Author — John's Life


To survive and thrive I need my bed, real food, my bike, some fresh air. So what's with developing all this AI for everything? What do we really need?

Author — geeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz


I am So Glad to see a.i being used to repair bodies, vessels of souls. Those legs are great! Alot of volunteers want to try it..

Author — theDiamond Portal


Fantastic I wish I can be a part of this technology

Author — Milkwell Milking Systems


Loved seeing you stand in this place. Will be so happy if I live to see you showing us the Third Temple. God bless you. Jacks grandma in Texas ✝️🕎

Author — Kathleen Kendall -JacksGrandma


It’s only that u hold me back or we would be light yrs ahead I never even got started yet that was 1 percent of wat I can do. U guys hold me back so much an look all I did even w all against me I’m not tryin to be incompletion I jus want to help u improve ur lifes

Author — Daniel Delarosa


I cannot wait to replace this weak corruptible vessel. 0:21
- Mechanicus Acolyte

Author — Timefliesbye


Thank you for this amazing content DW, fascinating, inspiring, entertaining.

Author — Nathan Issartel


18:43 lies travels faster than the truth.

Author — iamrishitgahlot


18:11 I swear that dude, looks like he's wearing fake bald makeup cap 😂

Author — Harri v'Jah