Biracial Couple Gives Birth to Twins: One Black, One White | Good Morning America | ABC News

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Biracial Couple Gives Birth to Twins: One Black, One White | Good Morning America | ABC News 4.5

Parents suffer grief and discrimination because of the medical rarity. This couple gave birth to biracial twins - one black and one white.

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At 17 months, Triniti and Ghabriael are chubby-cheeked twins, born 11 weeks early at three pounds each and now healthy and a joy to their parents.

But when their mother, Khristi Cunningham of Akron, Ohio, takes them in public, the babies get a lot of second looks and questions.

Triniti has ebony-colored skin and all the classic dark features of an African American, but "Gabe," as his parents call him, is ivory-white with steely blue eyes and blond hair. He's now 10 pounds heavier than his sister, but it's their racial identity that gets people scratching their heads.

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"Look at his blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes".. how about the curly hair and brown eyes bro? damn.

Author — frog mr


The boy just looks light skinned, but not really white at all. You can tell he's biracial.

Author — Melissa


In my opinion that “white baby” does not look white they literally look mixed

Author — Katelyn Waits


I hate the term “ blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes” aren’t other hair and eye colours beautiful.🙄

Author — Allegra Williams


LOL "one looks white and one looks black haha they CLEARLY both look biracial 😂

Author — Cassie


He still look like a light skin African American child😲

Author — Maulana49


"beautiful blue eyes" making differences, like brown eyes aren't beautiful

Author — PATRICIA P.


Blue eyes is recessive, I guess the father doesn’t know he carries the blue eyed gene. He most likely has Caucasian blood in his ancestry. Explains the genes he passed down to his son.

Author — csr326


My daughter is married to a white man, and I love my son in law, they have two very handsome sons, my first grandson has brown eyes, second grandson has blue eyes, I don’t understand the big deal honestly, as long as the kids are healthy, if you entertain the negativity then you will stay angry, love your kids and grand kids regardless of color.

Author — Jackie Wortherly


One was born with beautiful blue eyes as if the other one Eyes aren't? Unbelievable

Author — brookwest


This is an ignorant title for these twins. One is not black while the other is white. They're both mixed and both look mixed.

Author — OonaVaKind Art


God doing his work. They're beautiful that's how God wants it

Author — A A Tv


Who started this issue of race even we're all humans period



The people on the street don't have to think jack, their beautiful children, it's a beautiful family, and I'm sure they're very loved God bless this family! Nothing else matters!

Author — Lisa Michelle Hill


The ignorant comment made by the illiterate moderator..."Look at his blond hair and BEAUTIFUL BLUE EYES" and yet says nothing about the curly hair and BEAUTIFUL BROWN EYES speaks indicatively about what black folks has to deal with on a deep level.

She made a judgment that the blond hair and blue eyes were of more value than the brown eye child. It was stated boldly without hesitance as if it was simple truth. Well let me inform this ignorant fool....Brown eyes R beautiful too. The dark hair child was just as beautiful as her sibling. This impulse to elevate "whiteness" above all other races is a disease of the mind that penetrates the soul of those that has to walk and live among the biases that is so prevalant that this woman spoke it so recklessly she probably don't even realize how she sound nor the transperancy of her actual measurement of whiteness v. blackness. Its that ingrained.

Author — S. R. Dupree


Why she didn’t introduce the black baby eyes as “beautiful” brown eyes...smh

Author — J T


"People on the street don't know what to think??" How about "Wow, they are

Author — BT Trade


They both look black to me. ABC news was reaching on this one.

Author — Sirjive Surrender


I absolutely love the mixed race results. The two babies are gorgeous!!!👏👏👏👏👏

Author — Tita Linda


This reminds me of me and my twin brother. Born in 1997, both from fully African parents. But my brother looks really light skinned biracial and I look dark skinned. So people have actually never believed we're twins or related for that matter. Our younger sister who was born in 1999 also has the light complexion so whenever it was just the three of us people used to say my brother and sister are the twins and I was like adopted or something. It was really hard to hear those words and I used to hate myself but as I grew older I came to love my complexion and appreciate it, appreciate my siblings's as well. Don't ever let anyone put you down based on the colour of your skin cause you're beautiful regardless. Great day❤️

Author — Stephanie Wakarima