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Why Immigrants choose to give up their life in Canada and leave? Why do they not enjoy their Canadian life? Why do they spend thousands of dollars and years to immigrate and than leave Canada? Why do they give up on Canadian Dream?
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Always remember: Living in a first world country doesn’t mean people are first class and Living in a third world country doesn’t mean people are third class

Author — R Arora


when I was in Africa I thought I was very poor Until i immigrated to Canada I came to realize I was no that poor in Africa. I had a $200 4 bedroom house with a wide back yard with plantations, gardens, planting my own food . In Canada I pay, $ 900 for a bachalors apartement in rent plus other bills and my diet not so good. I have to rely on sometimes expired food from food bank when times are tough. . The $900 will get me to live like a King in Africa. I would rather go back and do farming.. Farmers eat and live like Kings . No stress, , Just fresh air and peace of mind. I will never take my african life for granted again . When you travel in outside countries , you realize that you were richer than you thought . My home is my paradise no matter where I go. Stop wars in war torn countries so people can stay where they are born

Author — Be the Change


1. Loneliness and family discontent
2. Financial difficulties
3. No willingness to start over
4. High real estate prices
5. Political correctness & mentality
6. Medicine
7. Cultural difference
8. Raising kids
9. Weather
10. High expectations

Author — Nightwing


Guys listen if you have decent life in your country do not ever come to canada, USA, europe just enjoy your life in your country with your beloved ones, living in these countries is like tasteless, you only live to pay your bills and pay taxes, it looks good life from outside, but from inside its artificial life

Author — holbrook 195209


If there's anything we can all agree on, is that Canada is the best at marketing itself

Author — KaKa Reflections


This has got to be the happiest pessimistic video on the internet!

Author — Aj Sky


u better be ready for loneliness this place is rank as number one in the world get ready to have long conversations with yourself

Author — krogaan


Whoever decides to come to Canada get ready to work until you’re last breath all it is here is working and paying bills.

Author — Tony Harpaul


If you're already successful in your home country, why move to Canada?

Author — Kiwi


Yayayaya ... Canada is a BIG scam.

There’s not enough jobs in Canada due to high taxes, period.

Back in early 2000 when I lived in Canada, at least housing was more affordable. Now with flow of rich Chinese to Canada, housing sky rocketed, Canada is even less attractive.

Think twice before you burn all the bridges and immigrate to Canada.

Author — Faye Farahmand


When you emigrate is always a start from zero no matter how many years of work experience you have either how many degrees you have. The problem is that people is stupid and is not down to earth. So they say I am a general manager here so I will be a general manager also in Canada and things don't work this way, people who get disappointed about Canada is because they are ambitious, they live pretty well in their homeland and pretend to live even better in Canada. If you are financially secure in your country don't be stupid to emigrate, if you are struggling in your country therefore please emigrate. Definitively is better to struggle in Canada than to struggle in a third world country.

Author — guillermo Cartagena


Some People born in Canada, also want to leave the country. There is a major lack of opportunity here, and mass poverty.



Oh my god, everything is so true... I am one of those people who has decided to leave Canada 😂

Author — Daria Romanenko


Finally!!!! Someone telling the blunt truth about Canada.

Author — Adedeji Munis


I left Canada because Bells high speed internet was far too expensive.

Author — G P


Glad you chose Canada. I moved to Canada in 1990. I still feel I won a jackpot. It’s gentle and a wonderful country that taught me open mindedness pays.

Author — Force For Good ሓይሊ ንጽቡቕ


I was born in Canada and live in Canada and this guy is spot on. The Political correctness is really a new thing that has not fully caught on with many though.
If some parent swats their whining kid in public I'm ok with it.
The taxes are insane and way to many laws for everything you do. Just to drive a car we treat it in Ontario like your getting a pilot's license.

Author — John Smith


It is better to have less and be happy at home than to live in an illusion that we are doing well abroad and be depressed whole life.

Author — arkanasays


Now I understand why most people don't have kids in canada😨

Author — B coco steph


Canada is a debt trap.. current government sucks

Author — Hot Sauce