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So the new thing to do in BMX Streets PIPE is to revert back to the old version of the game. With the old version, you can do much more with modding. The first new thing that we have is the new map importer. It makes adding modded maps way easier than before, and you can have a ton of maps at once and easily select between them. The other possibility is that multiplayer may be possible with this version of the game.

To test out the new mod map importer, I ride the first map that is made fore it. It's a huge dirt jumps map and it's extremely tricky to ride. The jumps are massive, and flowing from jump to jumps is nearly impossible. this video was tough to make, but I think that these new mods are going to be sweet.

From Hubba
Decided to post this map as it is so i can work on something better! This was made for testing so i have not spent much time on texturing, placing grass/trees so it may look wierd here and there :joy: Dirt models made by @SB7

This map is for the Pipeworks Map Importer!!!

If terrain is black change the shadow settings in game..

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💬 Comments

If there’s one thing I learned from your videos is that never give up on finding the sweet spot on the dirt jumps. I believe in you mango man 🙏🏽 love your videos

Author — joshua angulo


I would love to see how a BMX track would work in this game. Pumping through sections and trying to go fast rather than get in style

Author — Jesse Mulock


it would be awesome if you made a video about how to do tricks, mainly spins, so smooth. i cant ever adjust enough to land smoothly. like the content 👍🏼

Author — catsmuffint0p


Need to see some dirt jump tricks tho!! Table ands turndown 360s ftw



would be cool to revert it back to the original PIPE release, back when they had modded maps in the Ride The Pipe section and all the modded parks were in the one big area

Author — Nitroh


You just gotta ride through them all no tricks get the speed, then throw bangers.

Author — Sean Harwood


3:06 the dude runs like he's shit himself.. stop pushing him so hard. Good game though

Author — Captain Barbossa


These dirt jumps look so butter, I want a pc for this game so bad aha 😭 loving ya videos tho brother x

Author — Subbing everyone who subs me


You case every time you backflip because you're pulling back so you're rider doesn't go as far

Author — When in Doubt, Chug it Out


i hope they will bring a huge open world map like skate, skate 2 or skate 3. At the moment this game is boring because we can't challenging other driver in competitions...

Author — NS21


New to the game. But I ride, so this is kinda dope

Author — Jasper Walksnice


do you press forward with left stick cause that will help alot

Author — Olive SZZ


When you leave the lip. Push forward on the left stick. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ itll register the mechanics if you were flying out of a bowl.

Author — Gunnar Covington


The devs should realize that no one is playing the default maps and that they should add in a map importer on the most recent version lol

Author — seolafx


i hope maps like these get to decenders too

Author — aaron neef


I so want this map or a dirt map on the xbox 1

Author — Ben Varley


anyone know when the update is coming out where you can customize your character and shit?

Author — MayhemClique


If you aren't going to make a jump tuck up so you don't case.

Author — Golden gamer75


U.S soldier in Vietnam: where are they! Other U.S soldier: 12:38

Author — bye karl


It's painful and frustrating to watch you play this game sometimes 😩😂

Author — LooseBirniee