I Pretend To Be A Chess Beginner

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Andrea Botez goes to Washington Square Park in NYC to do her "school project" on chess. A local chess hustler has no idea she is an expert. Watch the video till the end to find out how their game ends! Drop a like and tell us in the comments if you'd like to see more videos of Botez sisters interacting and playing chess with people in parks and squares.

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He seems friendly enough. And pretty quickly realised he had to concentrate.

Author — Dead Jester


Lesson: don't trust any beginner especially those with camera.

Author — Bagra Fourseason


This was so wholesome. What a good guy.

Author — Gary Loayza


"The most important part is the end game" - this guy has potential.

Author — Warren Dew


"What life lessons did you learn from chess?"

"You should never underestimate anyone"

Author — MehYam2112


Haha she does a good "innocent highschooler" impression. Much better than the pros that I've seen being like "pawns go forward right?" before giving us a new spin on the English in 3 minutes.

Author — Verratos Rogue


Andrea talks like a child when she pretends to be bad at chess

Author — Lejonet


"My friend taught me to play this against anything"

Gothamchess flashbacks-

Author — InformalFear


I'm willing to bet that your average chess hustler in New York city isn't exactly shocked by someone saying they're new to chess when they're really expert. It's probably a mischief that happens to them about once a day. They just nod and smile and do their thing.

Author — cory849


If someone plays a Kings Indian against you, they've played more than a few games for a class project. I love how he played along with the video though.

Author — descendency


I like how as beginner she knew how to use the clock and played theory

Author — bg master


Guy is pure class. Amazing reaction after losing.

Author — Peristilo peris


Your opponent seemed pretty cool about it, so I can definitely say you got lucky this time. Many people can't handle such things for their egos are too big. Sorry if my English sounds goofy.

Author — Trinh Nguyen


What an incredibly cool guy he was!?! I'd definitely party with this guy.

Author — Art of Free Speech


“ my friend told me to always do this against amything”

Ah yes king’s indian defense, it’s so good until it isn’t.

Author — Calling the police Since 2016


Dude wasn't fooled. He knew what time it was

Author — leather face


very humble guy seems to just love the game.

Author — 89burni


Good that your chess playing is better than your acting =)

Author — Martin Schmidt


This is how people should aspire to interact with one another. Manners, respect and being humble.

Author — donny_s18


4:15 As an undercover beginner, you should never use the word "blunder."

Author — e2ipie