OBS Engine Nano Review

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Hey man, I really appreciate your videos, they gave me the confidence to go out and get the LiquidBarn starter kit and start making my own juice. I've only been using subohm mods though and I'm curious about buying my first RDA mod. would you consider putting together a guide to transitioning to mech mods along with the basics of putting together coils etc.?

Author — Chris French


hey man your videos are just amazing, not only everything is well explained, but the editing, the shots everything haha, found out about you searching about the ohms law, finished watching all your videos, now I'm already making my own ejuices! wanted to thank you!

Author — Enrique Iodice


I like your content man, great, simple, short and very informative videos! You're not blabbing on for ever till your viewers get your point, the information-to-lenght ratio is very high in your videos! I personally rock the normal Engine with the dual coil deck, I installed two single 5 wrap claptons each at .85 ohms, reading at exactly .432 ohms. The flavour is simply great on the dual coil version, so I dont know why the nano has worse flavour... The normal OBS likes to be built very precicesly, because it likes to spit or give some dry hits from time to time if you dont get the wicking right...

Author — AndiTheMan


Great review! I got one and also notice it gets very hot, changed to micro coil at .5 ohms, still gets warm, even heats up my mod, really wanted to like it, but going back to Serpent Mini 22mm.

Author — thenow 555


Finally a reviewer who's honest about this product, I've tried various different coil types, various different heights for the coil, different ways to wick it etc. etc. and at the end of the day the flavor just isn't really there.

As an experiment I wicked up my old Kanger sub tank mini and the OBS (using the best configuration/build that I could find to get the best flavor out of it so far) and compared the two with the exact same juice and the Kanger has better flavor every time.
Another con that no reviewer I have so far seen mention is that it goes through juice Shockingly fast for a single coil 5.3 tank, i'm on a reasonable budget and frankly I can't afford to fly through juice so fast for something that isn't delivering flavor.

I decided to get this based on several glowing reviews
but so far I'm pretty damn disappointed which is a shame as aside from those glaring issues it is a well made/engineered device

Author — KevinR1138


Thanks so much for the videos.Especially the DIY stuff.All the best man

Author — Ben Leo


as usual very nice informative vdo. even though no leaking I will stay away from this tank.
EVL Reaper RTA is the best for me till now last 2 months. flavor is top notch. you should try and make a vdo for EVL Reaper Titanium. Cheers...

Author — Ahmed Shantonu


Thanks man... I was thinking about getting one... But knowing how how it gets I probably shouldn't waste my money.

Author — Bill Carini


i never had any luck with clapton coils and i tried many, it is either simple kanthel a1 or stainless steel in tc . but anyway seems not only me who prefer simplicity nice review

Author — A T


Whenever anyone asks me if they should get into producing videos, I send them to one of yours. After the crying, they thank me. MAN, you are good!

Author — Mojave Max


just received notice yesterday that mine has been shipped. I have high hopes for this one.

Author — Scott OGara


Your reviews are awesome. Can you do a review for Geek vape Ammit ?

Author — Adem Büyük


Great review. If you get a chance would you review the Exo RTA

Author — threeheavens


Can I use 24mm RTA (merlin mini) on my 22mm MOD (Kbox mini 50W)?

Author — hamed hafed


Yeah,  I'm too in favour of single spaced coil with lower wattage.

Author — milun bosiljcic


Where did the super informative Mr. New Amsterdam Vape go? :/

Author — Goryturnip


Which program are you using for the voice over?

Author — Lo-Fi


2nd reviewer (that I've seen) that has said this tank gives little flavor.

Looks like this is a no-go.

Author — Havohej


I completely different with u
first the provided Clapton coil is reading 0.33 not 0.2 as u said
second it never get hot as u said even I vape on 50 watts
third I got above average flavor from it by using cotton bacon for wicking and raising thr coil to be even with top of the post..
finally I think this a great rta with good flavor and excellent liquid consumption as a single coil rta

Author — Mohamed Abdulfattah


Made a few builds on mine and getting a lot of spit back.

Author — fulcrum4