MKS Gen L - Optical Endstop

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This will explains the basic process of using a optical end stop on MKS Gen L 1.0.

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Required Hardware:
MKS Gen L 1.0
Optical Endstop with cable
USB cable

Required Software:
Arduino studios 1.8.5 or higher
MarlinFW (Firmware 1.1.8 or higher)

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When will i use for instance Z min or Z max? Thank you in advance...

Author — mark vasquez


Nice video series! I just bought the Gen-L, and I'm looking forward to get started.
Do you have a BLTouch? Could you demonstrate how to connect one to the MKS Gen-L and configure it in Marlin? I think that auto bed leveling is quite a nifty tool these days. Thanks for your videos.

Author — eaglewitharifle


great video, i have a qestion now if i connect two sensors on both the right z endstop and one on the left how do i tell marling to use bothe to activate the endstops seperatly so is makes sure that they are both leveled independantly

Author — Tony Greenall


Really well done videos. Short, to the point with no tangents for humor and commentary. I have a question...
I would think using these optical sensors, I would put some tab on the head that would block this sensor at the stop. However, in the video you changed the Z_MAX_ENDSTOP_INVERTING to true and thus got open when it is blocked. Wouldn't I want FALSE and thus show triggered or am I mis-interpreting your situation?

Author — Dennis Cox