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Top diplomats from the EU are meeting via videoconference Friday with China's leaders to discuss urgent matters including the war in Ukraine, the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change. Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed the afternoon session with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, European Council President Charles Michel and the EU's foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell. He called on the EU and China "to prevent spillovers of the crisis." Earlier they spoke with Li Keqiang, premier of China's state council. Li told his European counterparts China "opposes division of blocs and taking sides," a Chinese diplomat told German press agency DPA. State broadcaster CCTV said Li added China is pushing for peace in "its own way." Von der Leyen said after, "We made very clear China should not interfere with our sanctions."

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Never seen EU be so aggressive to speak out when US invading other countries. But considering there were US troops on their soil till now, it's understandable EU has to follow US' strategy and policy.

Author — Robin Liu


It’s not fair to pressure other countries into following your agenda at the expense of their own values and perspectives.

Author — herrgolf


When EU is able to help itself, others might take it seriously. Right now EU is dependent on Russia for energy, China for its economy, and US for its security. The end.

Author — Jason Melbaus


I used to have respect and admiration for EU. I wish European courtiers update their mentality and become independent nations that we can respect and get their free input in a multipolar world

Author — Skart


As journalism, please have some dignity and honestly report the fact.
India 1.3 billion people, Africa 1.2 billion, China 1.4 billion, and most ASEAN 0.5 billion, they do not saction Russia.
So most of the world do not take side.

Author — Jk Lee


I like how 🇺🇸 USA casually asked China 🇨🇳 to join sanctions, forgetting they still have ongoing Trade war with so many Chinese companies penalized.

Author — leon leon


US/NATO: Help us fight your friend so we can focus on fighting you later.
China: Right.

Author — harry loo


If China has to consider EU's security interest, does it mean that the EU will also consider China's security interest?

Author — The Moon


Question is, how come the EU has not intervened BEFORE the war broke out. It was under the eyes of everyone in EU the billions of dollars invested by the US in weapons and training to Ukraine, and the dramatic situation in Dombass. What's the purpose of having a costly EU apparatus if it's unable to operate when it's mostly needed? Besides, is EU autonomally assessing and pursuing its interests which are different from those of the US? I have many doubts.

Author — Ovajug


The European economy relies heavily on the performance of the German economy. The German economy relies heavily on the Chinese market. China's energy security relies heavily on Russia. Half of China's economic development depends on the world. Therefore, European people must understand their position in world politics and economy. Be independent and decide your own destiny. I suggest that the EU better follow ASEAN's approach. Don't step into China and America's great power struggle.

Author — Michael Wong


It maybe sounds great to force China to join sanctions when China obviously is neutral at this moment .
Question is did EU really get ready to face impacts of lacking of energy resources from Russia and cheap goods & benefits from China at the same time right now .

Author — D S


Exactly. It is all economic for China, just like every country pretty much all the time. They'll do the trade comparison and act accordingly. China doesn't want to conquer large countries militarily anyway. They'd rather just buy them, which they are doing all over the world. Own the corporations, enough of them, and you pretty much own the govt.

Author — John Sikes


Think of the EU: speaking for Europe
The actual EU: speaking for the United States

Author — Ajax Ni


It will be hard to convince the world otherwise because EU is buying energy from Russia. Meanwhile, if EU would start taking supplies from middle east, energy will skyrocket and while EU can pay high energy cost many in the world cannot. Many countries can not afford social destabilization this time because of already high inflation.

Author — James B


Mrs.Von der Leyden should do well to remember that her first duty is to serve Europe, not America.

Author — Shiu Lai


It was amusing to see EU come to lecture China how to behave from a position of weakness. Maybe they should have suggested EU pay for all future goods in Yuan as well ?

Author — GeoPolitics Junkie


The whole world should separate the debate of political adventure and doing trade and business as it is closely related to the livelihood of the general public. If you mix it together, the globalized world economy does not work at all, and the most affected will be the lower class people.

Author — Gopal Khadka


There are people amongst us that are payed very well to know better, people who were given responsibility over others for that reason. clearly we have a culture of overlooking such things today..

Author — Chris Lecky


Both sides have already written their post summit statements before the meeting.

Author — GC


It's possible that a new era in the Chinese approach to statecraft has begun. But until recently at least, I think Chinese leaders have preferred to avoid any choices that seal important matters with finality. I mean they were in the habit of hedging their bets, and that may be an understatement.
About 50 years ago the premier Zhou En-Lai was asked in a rare interview with a Western journalist what he thought of the French Revolution. "It's too soon to tell, " he replied.

Author — dixon pinfold