5 reasons to DATE a Ukrainian girl

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5 reasons to DATE a Ukrainian girl 4.5

Watch the original 5 reasons NEVER to date a Ukrainian girl video here:

Watch the sequel 5 more reasons NEVER to date a Ukrainian girl here:

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Id rather look at the malls or the grocery store for girls. If they are working they already have a good head on their shoulders. Better then looking for a girl at the bar.

Author — mojo


all that beauty means nothing when they take your money, kids, and home.

Author — Peter Michael


Actually, as Ukrainian I can say that all that shit with money and gold diggers is kinda true and false at the same time. There are some girls that are looking for money. And it is not only in terms of dating with foreigner. At the same time you can find a lot of girls who strive to have normal relationship based on love, not money. Anyway, if you want to meet a really good and loving girl, club isn't the best place. You'd better to find girls with help of Ukrainian friends.
Also, in Ukraine there is such thing that guy should pay for a girl. It is naturally expected. It could be not about gold diggers and sugar babies, but this is how it works in Ukraine. A man is considered as a provider so it's common.

About dating with foreigner. There are a lot of women don't want to date with foreigner because, first, you never know what happens after you start dating or getting married with a foreign guy (whether everything is good or there is domestic violation etc), second, girls are worried about being dropped and broken up with. It is really hard dating to a man from different country and you may never know whether he cheats on you or not. So, all such stuff with dating to a foreigner is pretty suspicious and uncomfortable. Ukrainian women just need to be sure that men is serious about relationship.

Author — Masha Kovalchuk


Who could find a decent good girl in a bar? does that make sense to you? you find them in the church!

Author — Luis Tamanaha


Any way this video more related to previous two videos😂👍👍👍 so it’s few more (hidden) reasons 😉
Just bring Ukrainian girl to Middle East and you will get only one reason to date her 😁

Author — Евгений Челомбитько


Marshrutka is awesome it's the same feeling as going on a roller coaster or a mx race 😂

Author — Arlo De Parlo


a good girl is better to look at work or through friends, I think so everywhere

Author — zluka bober


The 10 reasons NOT to date were pretty much spot on especially when considering the context he provides at this end of this video - i.e. as a typical foreigner coming to Ukraine. Not believing them won't prevent you from encountering these issues/scams. Yes, there are good girls (where things like humour is still an issue) but the overall impression you're going to get from dating or attempting to date, in general, is reasons NOT to date 1 through 10.

If there was local Ukr hate it's probably not understanding the meme-style humour in the title lol.

Author — crudman69


Lol, the people's reaction on the first minute 😂

Author — VigilAntiks


"Don't talk about the War" - Basil Falty

Author — WarFox Rommel


I am watching this video to figure out my Great-Great Grandfather’s potential reasons for marrying a Ukrainian woman in the 19th century, which is why I am 1/16 Ukrainian.

Author — Colin Hirschberg


However, Ukrainian girls still be a champion in my heart

Author — Redando


Yes most of them are very beautiful, nice and kind but how about you guys
Are you nice man and honest?

Author — Praphat Kasemsant


When they put money first before anything, I would get the impression they are trying to make a surf or slave out of me.

Author — Lee Roundhouse



Author — color Sgt pennywhistlepete


Seems like pretty same as everywhere else then. The danger of stereotyping.

Author — USER351


I'm curious, which country is competing with Ukraine for first place when it comes to most beautiful girls?

Author — vkes3


i agree with you on what you are saying i have been dating a girl from kharkov for the past 10 months and she is amazing superb mentality, extreme commitment and loyalty i am loving every moment of it

Author — Saadi Shaar


I really love travelling especially in in Europe and other western countries

Author — Hakimu Malunda


God bless me with the money to get out of the USA! Lol

Author — Jake Judy