Damien Power on his Indy Car racing brother Will

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

Just some bits I did recently at the Sydney Comedy Store about my brother Will and his recent success.

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I love that Damien is doing stand-up in a club for adults and yet is language is cleaner than Will's is! ;)

Author — Rob Foxx


Your parents should have called you Max, then you would be the king of the Powers.

Author — Ben Seidel


Well the whole Power family seems to be  a bit...odd, love it!

Author — button less remote control


Damien Power....is that translatable as
Demon Power? His work can get pretty dark.... but in a transforming phoenix rising from the ashes kind of way. He shows us how to work through OUR dark moments, through HIS humour. Good on him!

Author — Chook InAThunderstorm


omg of course WillPower is successfull what would you ecspect wit that name ?:D

Author — Marcel Hübert


Who’s here after listening to the Rusty’s garage ep on Will

Author — Jack Senna


I'd like to nick pic here but Will Power is stronger on proper racing tracks, ones with the standard left corners, but something revolutionary to the americans, one with right corners as well, Will is my hero!!!

Author — Jason Kay