Midterms 2018: How the Night Unfolded

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Midterms 2018: How the Night Unfolded 4.5

Millions of voters flocked to the polls Tuesday, giving Democrats a House majority while strengthening Republicans’ control of the Senate. WSJ’s Gerald F. Seib explains.

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As an outsider, I am quite amazed to see how this country is divided and elections are won by really close margins.

Author — Bosonian


This is just the re-cap I was looking for. Facts and unbiased. Nicely done WSJ

Author — Punky J


Democrats and republicans should sing cumbaya in a bon fire

Author — Gerardo Argueta


It's funny how all of the partisan TV hosts on both sides think they won. It's good news wherever you turn the channel.

Author — Gary


I love it when media companies are capable of producing unbiased and factual videos like WSJ.

Author — Will Betts


Call it what you want, but this is the reality:
Democrats 9% more voter turnout
Democrats + 28-37 House seats to retake House majority
Democrats + 7 Governors
Democrats + 323 State legislature seats
Democrats + 6 State legislative chambers
Democrats Ballot measures decisive victories (essentially a blowout)

Republicans + 2-4 Senate seats

Call it what you want. I have my own word for it, personally.

Author — BEAST


When you forget to mention Wisconsin in the highly contested governor races even though we were the closest race of the Midwest. 10/10

Author — John Moore


3:33-3:38 The Korean War in a nutshell

Author — Jwan Besande


A house that is divided will not Stand

Author — grammy 777


That is pure reality. I like the turn out of voters.

Author — victor nderu


As a Democrat, for me this is dissapointing . Always in mid--terms the president's party loses in average of 40-45 seats and Senate by 4-5 seats . Even the popular Presidents did . And here we were expecting a blue wave and we ended up losing more in the Senate than what we previously had, and only won in the HoR by half of what was expected . Dems need to change tactics .

Author — Scorpio Snake


This is quite normal in 2010 the republicans flipped 63 house seats and flipped 6 in the Senate thanks to Obama. You haven't held the house in eight years.

Author — Jezzylinton


"If a house be divided against itself that house cannot stand...." mark 3:25

Author — Namasi


"very divided" country.... that's sad

Author — Ji Hyeon Jung


Makes sense, at least we're all still Americans

Author — Escape Reality


we still have to keep our guard up, Russia on the prowl

Author — Patrice Slater-Lee


Meet the newboss..same as the old boss. Prices will keep rising faster than your paycheck and the bombs never stop.

Author — Cameron


This WSJ hack.
It was a blue wave
+40 Dem House
+7 Dem Govs
+374 Dem state reps

Author — John Hud007


Florida taught us that people lie to pollsters!

Author — Miss Braganza


this video was so over dramatic like just the way it cut

Author — Marco Sahagun