Iran denies shooting down passenger plane

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Iran denies shooting down passenger plane 4
One thing is certain. A plane has crashed with the loss of 176 lives.

Western leaders seem quite convinced about who is to blame but Iran denies all responsibility. There is unease on the ground where witnesses claim bulldozers have been used to clear the crash site and forensic evidence could have been destroyed.
And in the past few hours America has imposed fresh sanctions. A warning, there are images in his report some viewers may find distressing.


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nobody's bulldozing a crash site unless they're trying to obscure evidence.

Author — Drew Dienno


These are the same people we’re supposed to trust with the nuclear weapons deal

Author — Boss Hoggg


Yes. Yes they did. They shot down a plane leaving out of their own airport...

Author — jerjer b


Wot a pathetic regime - can't even own up to their own mistakes. Hopefully this will open up some people's eyes as to just how evil these Mullah truly are.

Author — SabuPtolemy


Why is it so difficult for men in power to ever admit fault?

Author — Lord Aurum


Whatever the truth, please do not forget the poor innocent passengers who lost there lives and the grief of their loved ones who have to bury their dead

Author — ionizez


They lied and today they admit but with excuses, sounds so like our democrats.

Author — fire5479


Trudeau: It may have been unintentional?!

We’re they aiming for a pigeon?!

Author — Kendo Arasuta


Damn, Iran the type of guy to scare you off by punching himself.

Author — Joshua Hauge


Iran denied this because they didn’t have proper knowledge? No, they have more concern for their version of truth rather than human life,

Author — Martin Orbidans


Cant believe there that stupid to deny it theres photos of there own people carrying part of the rocket 🤦‍♂️

Author — james s.


In other words, nothing they say has credibility

Author — Azz Lazz


another reason Iran should never have a nuclear weapon

Author — Kevin K


Iran : Shoots missiles at usa bases.
Plane : Gets shot down by missile.
Iran : Wasn’t us.
World : *skeptical hippo eyes*

Author — Zerg


You almost had your chance IRAN but when you shot down a plane with innocent lives, game is over for you.

Author — Christian A


Blundering buffoons, it’s quite embarrassing though to shoot down commercial planes taking off from your own international airport, in fact it is disastrous

Author — Eagle Eyes


Aaand now they've admitted it. SO, the ..."humans"... that were denying it all lied to our faces.

Author — eddsson


Offering my condolences to the families affected ❤️

Author — Sui WONS


Case closed. They had just admited it.

Author — paulo carnaxide


Can we see the 5 seconds of footage before the flash, oh of course, your channel 4 news, so you best either not include it or edit it out, good job dipshits

Author — undeaddread