FINAL GAME | 2021 World Chess Championship

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World Chess Championship 2021 Game 11 between, Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi - Magnus Leads 6.5-3.5 After 10 Games.

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I can't believe in one game, Ian got 4 wins to win the championship

Author — Justin Ordonez


I hope this shows all the newcomers to the chess world that, no matter who your favorite player is, Magnus is better

Author — Slim Cognito


I finished the recap, and I wanted to add that I’m glad, levy, that you’ve been so respectful to Nepo despite his mistakes. Some of the hate against him around the internet is ridiculous and seems almost personal, and it’s annoying to me that people would disrespect one of the world’s greatest chess players like that.

Author — Blue Bod


An interesting fact about Ian's "crumbling"min this match: his first loss was a 136 move long game, while his three losses following that totaled to only 134 moves. It took him more moves to lose his first game than to lose three after it.

Author — Andrew Cook


"Your level's get danger indeed and your dangers get levelled "- A Gotham chess Classic

Author — Anish Deshmukh


You could literally see how distraught Ian was in the final press conference. Brutal way to lose, but the man was pure class. Congrats to Magnus on a solid match.

Author — Tim Conant


Chess is often described as the 'pure, mathematical' game that relies only on analysis and all that, but we must not forget there's a psychological aspect to it too.
And that's what seems to have hurt Nepo, after losing that marathon of a game. In a format where draws are commonplace, he didn't just happen to lose games after games like that due to a lack of chess skills. Seems more like he was completely out of it, he wasn't there.
It's a bit sad (and I don't see why people are being mad at him, it's not like he's doing that on purpose). Anyway, fun games, and good reviews!

Author — newp gaston


I knew this was coming. Ian just looked exhausted and defeated most of the time after the first 8 hour loss came in. Magnus just looked calm and collected - despite being obviously tired after the games, but Ian's body language gave away that he was sort of losing the battle mentally with the huge pressure piling on as the odds narrowed with every game.

Author — Steve -


I see this underground player magnus carlsen is pretty good

Author — Daaninator


*Magnus's dad after the win*
-*"I think he has become a decent chess player".*

Author — Utube Isbased


Game 6 was when shit got real. Nightmare fuel for GMs.
Imagine being Ian during that game. You're facing a dude who is forcing you to prove you can play perfectly and find the draw, and he won't stop regardless of how long it takes. There will be no mercy for you, only suffering.
And then you LOSE. You cracked once, so you know Magnus will do this again if he gets the chance. Was it even worth it to try? Maybe the loss was inevitable, you're only human after all, and humans make mistakes. All that effort, just to slip up once and lose. And even if you do make the draw next time, it'll probably be after 200 moves and 8 hours and just complete exhaustion. Fuck that lol.

IMO Magnus will be world champion until someone comes along that is at LEAST as solid and relentless in endgames as him. Someone sadistic and masochistic enough to get off on shuffling for 200 moves with 8 pieces on the board. The next champ will be the one who isn't scared to be Ian's position in Game 6.

Author — Follyys


I'm glad these matches took place.
Shows that even Super GMs are human too.
Except Magnus. That guy is *_beyond_* human.

Author — Floating Sunfish


Chess spectators: we want to see fewers draws.
Ian: say no more!

Author — Aizen Sosuke


Magnus is such a brutal player, you slip up for even one move and he just eats you alive. GG.

Author — Minika Wildflower


I have so much respect for Ian after this match. No other top-level chess player would have handled himself in the press-conferences like he did.

Author — Nick


Congratulations to the GOAT Carlsen for his performance.

Nepo showing in defeat how much of a class act he is has gained him a lot of respect.

Author — Placeholder


I have been a fan of Magnus for nearly 15 years, but I can't help but feel bad for Nepo. He totally crumbled after this one loss. He showed in the candidates how strong he really is, but in the end he couldn't handle the stress. Congrats to Magnus and let's see who will win the next candidates tournament (is supposed to start in Summer).

Author — MrGermanpiano


As someone who doesn't play chess at all, thank you for these videos!! Thoroughly understandable and entertaining 👍

Author — Walter Jasso


What I will remember from this match is the most accurate game ever played in a world championship match. Even that was not enough to defeat Magnus. After that, when Nepo lost that grueling longest game ever battle, he lost psychologically. Very tough match... when you lose a game to Magnus who hasn't lost in a world championship match against anyone for so long time, the pressure must be immense and the challenge to win almost unsurmountable. Chess is so delicate if your mind gets even a little imbalanced, it will be tough to keep up your best game. I guess Nepo just straight up decided to create imbalanced position, even with great risk, rather than going for a quiet draw. And what else could he try at this point? No point in playing for certain draw and losing match almost certainly.

Author — Jari Repo


He came, he fought, he stood with giants and held his ground. Nepo has my respect.

Author — RandyLeftHandy