GTA Online: Oppressor Mk 2 Spamming Tryhard Gets Trolled By Multiple Toys

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GTA Online: Oppressor Mk 2 Spamming Tryhard Gets Trolled By Multiple Toys 5

We go against a Mk 2 spammer in freemode and trolled him with our many devices available to us.

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💬 Comments on the video

It still baffles me how people think they're good at the game even though they use the mk2

Author — Mason Abbott


when you see a tryhard leave after demolishing them its like the best feeling

Author — effective


The title sounds like a start to a bad porn...

Love the content keep it up <3

Author — Noah .p


I’m officially addicted to Ghillies PvP vids

Author — Youtube Algorithm


You're not just a clown, you're the whole circus. *Looks at dudes name* How fitting..

Author — Moral Less


Imagine killing people with mk2 and thinking you are good

Author — Yoboyhank


1:57 when you fail the yung ancestor heist for the 10th time

Author — Michael scarn


3:12 you can still check messages in the info tab. Learned that trick from Project Heli

Author — Brad I.


2:40 sounds like the explosion sound effect for San Andreas.

Author — matthew hull


19:38 I spat my drink out in laughter, that was comical.

Author — Midnavi


It's hilarious that everyone already knows MKII losers have no skill and NEED that vehicle for the easy auto aim kill

Author — Jose Salazar


im enjoy them more since you started voicing them, thank you.

Author — Tebogo Mojela


When are they going to just make it so suicides count as deaths on your KD, just give the kill to the person who already did damage.

Author — Desolations102


Oof. He should be working on his ground fighting skills, not his broomstick kills..
Quality content as always Ghillie.

Author — Scotty Unknown


Funny how u used different explosion sound effects from different games

Author — alexpointo


Whenever someone meets Nitrocircus 69, he HAS to be laughed at! Tryhards like him deserve no respect!

Author — Moulderson


I love how you troll the spammers, griefers and sweaty tryhards, it brings me back here all the time, keep it up my food.

Ps may I join your crew, you’re awesome

Author — Spiroalienforce SFM/ SAF SFM


Opressor Mark 2 actual nerf patch notes:

"When a tryhard gets his mark 2 blown up he is now forced to play regular GTA PVP for 5 minutes"

Author — Demon Lord Gaming


For anyone who didn't know this before, you can check texts by going to the info>notification tab in the pause menu

Edit: ...if you can't use the phone

Author — A Gta Player


"My main goal is to blow up, and then act like I don't know nobody."

Author — King KEK