Day in the Life of a Facebook Software Engineer.

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Day in the Life of a Facebook Software Engineer. 4.5

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They gonna come and send snipers if you don't stop playing lmao

Author — Clyde


My favorite YouTuber. Lol. Great video!

Author — Chris Hawkes


"Every diversity group is selfish". So true.

Author — Darius Pelonia


TL;DW Working at facebook is like using facebook.

Author — Akash Goel


As a gay person who's interested in pursuing software engineering as a career, I'd hate to work at an office full of rainbow flags and paintings. I want to be accepted, not stand out from the crowd and agressively act like I'm so different... I'm not.

Author — Márton Szabó


The quality of your videos have improved since you got fired 👍

Author — Sleepful Skies


was genuinely confused when his badge didn't say "tech lead" on it

Author — BlockDesigns


His impersonation of HR is so spot on :D

Author — Null Void


Facebook's contribution to humanity:
Exponential proliferation of tribalism.

Author — Joe Meirow


let's be serious... Skillshare won't land anybody a job on FB or Google

Author — Hal


I totally understand when a YouTuber has beef with another YouTuber, but since when do we ever get to see a YouTuber have beef with a huge tech company LOL

Author — Azam Jamal


You just defined HR so well. Hard to believe that people need to major in that.

Author — Shakhar Dasgupta


It must be a great feeling to be able to troll your ex-employer of wrongfully and/or unjustly fired you while making money of that video! Good job & good luck in future!

Author — TheTruth Hurts


What a surprise. A culture driven by likes and comments

Author — Flat Iron


"Do you really want to be the person that works on news feed...?" wow that put things into perspective.

Author — Lovewins


Why is the facebook "open office" a mididle school computer lab?

Author — Ugu16


"You can't win, Facebook, if you fire me I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine!"
-- The Tech Lead, 2019

Author — LaughingStock71


We are reaching trolling levels that shouldn't be even possible oO

Author — Paweł Pawlak


Probably regrets leaving Google and joining Facebook now ..

Author — Aayushman Kumar


"...It is very big on the LGBT community
the company is pretty much is overrun by them"
Facebook is gay confirmed

Author — mike smith