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How They Met | The Gary Owen Show 5

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I only came here to hear the voice of the lady that said "Everybody in this house either came out of me or came in me" lol I HAD to

Author — A Marie


I love that he called her immediately. He said "you are gonna meet a lot of guys in 3 days". And if more men thought like that it would be a lot more happy couples

Author — Carter's mom


that's right! when a guy is in to you, he don't play no effing games! cause he don't want you spending time with no one else!!!

Author — Akwaaba B


I'm obsessed with them. They are honestly so cute.

Author — Starr H.


Got to give it to white dudes, they don't go after any ol' black women, they take the best. 👍

Author — riku1neo


gary I knew she was black but didnt knw she was GORGEOUS!!!!

Author — Bass Man


😂 his face when he said "A year " like do you KNOW how much work I had to put in? 😂😂😂

Author — ThatLadyDray


"I don't wanna do nothing else, I wanna tell jokes"😀😀😀. He believed in himself and his lady believed and supported him. No man can loose with that perfect combo.

Author — Haitian Prodigy


Gary seems like he remembers more about their relationship than she do



he was right. a dude wait three days to call me im not talking. some women set themselves up for failure and r use to losers

Author — alex evans


"You're gonna meet a LOTTA dudes, in three days. "😀😁

Author — CJ Lorraine


Didn't have all those different things going on which meant he had time to invest in her.

Author — Stanley B


I had no idea folks were suppose to wait 3 days before they call hummm that must be west coast rules b/c east coast they call you as soon as you give them you're number to make sure its correct LOL

Author — octaviakf


I'm attracted to Korean men I'm African American there I said it 😂

Author — fatty fatty


I love how she's lowkey roasting him but you can see how much she loves him when she looks at him. The best couples have a good sense of humor with each other. 💜

Author — lime& salt


Cute couple. She reminds me of the actress who played 'Hilary' in 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air'

Author — Mia7189


lol, So THAT'S how they met. Cute. Not boring this is the kind of relationships that flourish. Simple and easy. The problem is people bring too much drama in their households. The home is supposed to be smooth and easy. Leave the chaos for the work place and others stuff. Keep the home serene.

Author — Filmtress Mu


Gary makes me jealous, he got himself a Queen, l heard Matt Damon also wanted her.

Author — Tony Cannig


One of the major key factors of a great relationship is chemistry. They definitely vibe well together.

Author — George Correa


I just hope the T.V show doesn't mess up things for them.A lot of people do these t.v show and put to much of there personal life out for us to see and then it turn on them.

Author — Bosslady Blue