Understanding the Situation in Ukraine using Maps

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Understanding the Situation in Ukraine using Maps 4.5
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DESCRIPTION:In this episode of Society of Geeks we look at some of the reasons behind the Situation in Ukraine. How did the war break out and which countries are involved in it.
The future developments in Ukraine will be significantly important for the relationship between the European Union, the United States and Russia and whether the heavy amount of outside interests from all sides on the country is promoting peace, may be up for debate.
Ultimately the citizens will have hard choices to make in the future. To choose between Nato and Russia. To choose between the European Union and the Eurasion Union and to choose between the countrys unity or separation, no matter what happens, it will affect us all.

Narrated by Emsoc.


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Nice video. I love how you able to turn this complex issue into something easy to understand. Its incredible that you able to keep it neutral for both side and let the viewer to make their own choice. keep it up. cheers

Author — Muhammad Afiq


Donbass region wasn't discriminated, its clans actually ruled Ukraine, most thieves/oligarchs are from Donbass.

Author — ambrazura


and then they say Cold war 2.0 isnt happening xD

Author — Varaga Ashede


the lady from Ukraine today looks insane

Author — Joseph Stalin


Dude. This video was an ace. Your voice is fine btw, it gives you something unique to be known by.
Keep this standard up and your channel will blow up. Good work man!

Author — Emit Benit


This one of the actual unbiased videos on this topic, bravo

Author — Steve


Nice video, but a lot of your info is from Western and inaccurate sources....

Author — John Doe


Overthrowing an elected official by force is anti-democratic

Author — Kenneth Perez


thank you. I've been meaning to catch up on this issue, and this was a great way to jump-start the dive.

Author — I have no brakes, and I must stop


The maps really help it make a lot more sense.

Author — TunaSammich


I see this going one of three ways (note: in all three scenarios Crimea stays part of Russia):
1. Ukraine splits into Western Ukraine, which is influenced by the West, and East Ukraine, which is influenced by Russia.
2a. The Russian regions of Ukraine are transferred to Russia, and the rest of Ukraine becomes influenced by the West.
2b. The Russian regions of Ukraine are transferred to Russia, and the rest of Ukraine becomes influenced by Russia.
3. Ukraine is entirely absorbed into Russia and any part of Ukraine ceases to be independent. In this scenario Belarus also likely ceases sovereignty and joins Russia as well.

Author — The Supreme Sawk


Loved the graphic breakdown well done. Thanks.

Author — Cozy Hozer


Hey, i love your videos, keep up the good work ^_^ And you said the Republic of Moldova is Romania <3

Author — Emwazi


thank you for this video! i found it to be extremely informative and well made. keep up the good work

Author — Phil


I love that your videos are very unbiased. Keep up the good work!

Author — Pzs Flynn


Factual AND unbiased!
Well done that man!



This was awesome storytelling in a neutral and informative way.

Author — iMeMySelf


"No matter what happens, it'll affects us all" 100% agreed with this statement!

Author — Juan Pablo


Good Bless Ukraine ! Be strong brothers !! Moldova support you !

Author — Бьянка Bianca


Oh we know RT is Russia propaganda machine, dont worry Ukraine. We know lol, because they are still alive and not poisoned or shot = Putin controls them.

Author — iMeMySelf