Judiciary Chairman On Impeachment, Elijah Cummings, And Trump's 9/11 Lies | The Last Word | MSNBC

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Judiciary Chairman On Impeachment, Elijah Cummings, And Trump's 9/11 Lies | The Last Word | MSNBC 4.5

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler updates Lawrence O’Donnell on the latest developments on the impeachment front. He also defends Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings following Trump's attacks and addresses the latest 9/11 lie Trump told.

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Judiciary Chairman On Impeachment, Elijah Cummings, And Trump's 9/11 Lies | The Last Word | MSNBC

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Time for Baltimore to finally crack down and prosecute and seize assets of Jared and his Kushner family of slumlords in the city!!!

Author — Swissffun Nani


Here are some of his 9/11 lies...

Claiming that he helped first responders clear rubble, not knowing “what was going to come down on all of us”;

Bragging that he would have the tallest building in Lower Manhattan after the Twin Towers collapsed. (The brag is real; the stat was not);

Claiming that he predicted 9/11. (Fact-check: false);

Saying he saw “many people” jump from the Twin Towers from the telescope in his penthouse;

Insisting, on more than one occasion, that he saw “thousands” of Muslims celebrating the attacks in New Jersey.

For an attention seeking narcissist. A publicity seeker of Show a picture (not a fake, like your Time Cover), of yourself at Ground Zero.
He makes me sick!

Author — ragingbull alf


The Private Prison Industry needs to be OUTLAWED in the U.S.A. . Legalized Human Trafficking must be ABOLISHED. !

Author — Russell Bublitz


Stop following the distractions. Stay on Mueller’s damning testimony.

Author — vera747


Would this be a good time to mention that many of these rat-infested properties are owned and operated by - oh, wait for it - one Jared Kushner? 🤔
So c'mon t'rump! Throw Jared under the bus and maybe he'll leave Ivanka.
And you can have her all to yourself! 😃😆😅😂

Author — Ro G


I remember the bloody face of Elijah Cummings after being beaten during one of Martin Luther King's non-violent marches. He was a true American patriot then and is a true American statesman now. Trump never has been fit to shine his shoes. I'm so sorry that enough people in Trump's "base" were desperate enough to be hood-winked by the likes of a con like Trump, but it's time to come back to the real world now. If Trump says it, assume it's a lie before you check the facts.

Author — Kathryn Shaw


Individual 1 he makes, Nixon, look like a Boy Scout compared to him.

Author — michael anderson


Really? He needs to investigate whether they should impeach tRump?
Emoluments clause and $104+ million on golf at his OWN resorts.
Over 10500 lies in 3 years.
What is there to investigate?

Author — David Edwards


Indv. 1 is trying to provoke violence, don't fool yourself.

Author — bog myer


Why is Bush not in Prison for 9/11? And why is the same 9/11 WarMongers back in Trump's Admin? Bolton, Pompeo, Abrams, and Haspel.

Author — Cray Fish


Trump really has exposed how corrupted the modern Republicans are and how they will do ANYTHING no matter how corrupt or treasonous to stay in power...

Author — Chris Leedham


During the campaign, Trump announced that if he’s elected President, he would virtually eliminate what he referred to as the “FDA Food Police” that are charged with protecting the food we all consume in this country. And when you consider that Trump restaurants have been repeatedly caught serving dirty, roach-infested, and even deadly food over the years, that’s not the least bit surprising.

In 1990,  Thomas Purgatorio dined at Buffet by the Sea in Trump’s Castle Hotel and Casino. Four months later, Purgatorio was dead of organ failure brought about by eating “salmonella-tainted mousse.”

Purgatorio’s widow later filed an $11 million lawsuit against Trump’s Castle, and the suit was settled for a fraction of the original amount. Attorneys for Trump argued that Mr. Purgatorio’s death was the result of a pre-existing heart condition. And Trump attorney Alan Kaplan said that eggs in the mousse caused the salmonella. Yet such matters are exactly the kind of thing the FDA seeks to prevent.

For decades, restaurants owned by Trump have been repeatedly cited for violations which include serving month-old caviar, expired veal stock and yogurt, and eggs, cream and sausages that had been stored at unsafe temperatures.

In 1992, Trump properties in Atlantic City had “the worst track record for food-related health problems among Atlantic City’s 12 casinos.” That included five salmonella outbreaks which dated back as far as 1984. At the time,  a city health inspector noted:

“We find it highly unusual that most of our problems in Atlantic City have been associated with the Trump properties. The physical part of the [establishments] is top-of-the-line but it all boils down to extremely poor food handling.”

Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida was cited 78 times over three years for health code violations including cooking staff not washing their hands and the “accumulation of black/green mold-like substance” on an ice machine.

Author — David J


Trump, a first responder? Is there nothing that the man won't lie shamefully about?

Author — Ant B


I can picture a judge saying, "When your impeachment proceedings are no longer 'preliminary', come back and try again."
Also, I want to know what is happening with Ways and Means's demand for Trump's tax returns. What's holding that up?

Author — Astrobrant2


Impeachment serves no good if Moscow Mitch won't let it hit the floor. The Moscow Mitch problem needs taken care of before we can move forward on ending Trump's "reign"

Author — Karl Renner


Trump should go back to where he came from, the sewers of New York City where all the rats live. The sewers in the city called and they would like their King Rat back.

Author — dee tee


Pretty much everyone in the government has lied about 911.

Author — Essene Gnostic


Educate the public MSNBC. Insist on distinguishing socialism from social

Author — Raphaela Botticelli


Guiliani, "mayor of the city, " responsible for 911 Firefighters' death at twin towers because their radio signal was too short to receive what the NYPD received, the order to evacuate falling building with 15 minutes to spare.

Author — Lily Jade


Apparently Barr is going to make some kind of announcement on Wed so the truth needs to come out about Trump today before Barr can spin the narrative.

Author — Beverly Inkster