John III Sobieski. The true face of the king

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He was a king. His legacy includes many historical monuments and he had contributed to the making of scientific discoveries. He had won one of the most important battles in European history. We are in possesion of hundreds of images of his likeness, but can we really say we know what he looked like?

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Congratulations to author Miltiades Varvounis for the literary success of his:"Jan Sobieski, The King Who Saved Europe"....

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With regard to the history of mankind, only in very few cases it is possible to have exact certainty of events and real life that led people were, transcendent or "remembered" either by acts of goodwill or crimes and genocides .... we must seek different sources of information ... and what information may be or winners or vencidos..esta in our hands then determine our opinion.Pedro Emiliano Lopez - Temperley - Argentina.

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